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 I've recently put a "take a break" settings from a Facebook friend so I haven't been seeing his updates on Facebook lately. 

Why did I do it?

I'm practically sick and tired of reading status full of vulgar, profanity, emoticons of the middle finger and self-pity talk. 

Self-pity is sin so stop it. Joyce Meyer writes in her book 'The Battlefield of the Mind' that the enemy, the Devil uses self-pity to keep us in bondage. "The Bible, however, gives us no liberty to feel sorry for ourselves. Instead, we are to encourage and edify one another in the Lord". 1 Thessalonians 5:11, "Therefore, encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing." 

Joyce Meyer writes on, "Self-pity is perverted, because it is taking something that God intended to be given to others and turning it in on ourselves".

Using vulgar and profanity is a curse to oneself not to the other person you're saying it to. What's inside of you, is what is manifested outside. Each of us carries the gift to give life and blessing but be wary we also carry the gift to curse and destroy. What you carry inside of you manifests itself on the outside. Speak prosperity and positivity and you will see it. Speak vulgar, profanity and negativity and your life will attract, misery, trouble and problems. 

Robin Sharma says, "Your words have power and the language you use determines how you perceive reality". He goes on to say that successful people understand the power of the word. "They use world-class language. Not only do they refrain from using profanities, but they use the language of passion. They use the language of leadership. They use the language of possibility. They use the language of love." 

What language are you using? 

To your success and growth 💯💕🆙 #WorldClassAttitude 


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