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What You Perceive is Your Projection, So Stop Blaming Others

What You Perceive is Your Projection, So Stop Blaming Others

I recently asked someone to stop tagging and messaging me with the volume of social media posts they share. I set a specific block of time for social media every day, and I couldn't get to everyone else's content due to the logjam in my inbox and notifications. I wished this person good luck on whatever goal they had set for the promotions and thought that would be that.

I received a scathing response. Calling me a bully, accusing me of taking some anger out on them. Bascially telling me what a horrible person I am for being mean to said poor victim. And then the person removed me. Making sure there was no easy way to communicate any sort of response.

Lovely. This time, I'm done with the tantrums.  So I decided to write about such projections, with a few tips that might help us all stop the anger triggers to focus on our own healing. 

It's Your Reality

Here's the scoop.  What you perceive in others is your own projection, based on your own unconscious programming.
When those knee jerk responses of rage and anger, hurt feelings and worse come up because of something you read or hear - that's your shit. Only your shit. 

You create your reality through the unconscious programming in your mind. You read into the statements what you perceive to be true, so that you can respond in the way you're programmed to respond.

That which pisses you off is Your Stuff.  Because your unconscious mind is simply following your direction. 

Make Use the Gift You've Been Given

When those emotions come up, it's a gift

You're being shown a negative emotional trigger that you now have the opportunity to heal.  

Stop taking it out on other people and focus back on your very own self. 

Stop, breathe and try the following:

  • Sink into yourself. Stop the voices that have placed the blame on the other person. ONLY YOU are responsible for your emotions. Nothing outside of you. So stop, sink into yourself and feel what's happening. What emotions are coming to the surface?  What is beneath those emotions?  How deep can you go and how many emotions can you identify that are in the way of your breakout positive self? 
  • Identify the emotional trigger.  Now that you've recognized the emotions, feel your way to the trigger. What was said (read, implied or whatever) that caused the negative blast within you? How does that relate to something in your past? Dig deep and find the source of that trigger. What belief is telling you to be angry, hurt or whatever other negative emotion you're feeling? 
  • Pivot to a new belief.  99% of the time you'll find that the belief or trigger is from an event or series of events in your past. Usually it's from a belief that you're not good enough, less than others, etc. Some piece of the crappy programming we all receive at one point in time or another. Instead of letting that programming take control, consciously focus on a positive emotion or belief that counters whatever negative belief is stuck in your mind. Step into what you want to have as truth in your life. Focus on that. Create a scenario where what you want comes into play. Live in that scenario for a while. Consciously apply that scenario to whatever triggering situation you just experienced. Stop blaming someone else and take control of your emotional responses - and change them. 

Above all, always remember one thing. Everything you feel, see, hear, smell, taste and experience is your very own reality. Everything you perceive is a result of your own projection into that reality.  

Focus on yourself and stop blaming the world for your triggers. This is your chance to take control and live an even more kickass life!  

Blessings to all who have triggers from past pains. We all have them, and we all have the opportunity to heal ourselves. 

Sending healing thoughts with love and light. 

Rebel Brown 6/7/2016 · #25

#24 Amen @Sarah Elkins ! If only everyone would mind their own perceptions instead of projecting them onto whoever happens to be in their line of fire!

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Sarah Elkins 6/7/2016 · #24

Right on, @Rebel Brown. Perception is everything.

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Rebel Brown 6/7/2016 · #23

#22 ROFL If you'd felt my shaky self after reading the nastygram you wouldn't think that @Julie Hickman :) I still trigger back to some very ugly childhood programming when Im attacked - hunker down and hide. But then, I get up, dust myself off and think, "How can I use this experience to help others who might have the same stuff happening." And then I get going again:) THANKS so much for the share and the kinds words. Great to buzz with you Julie!!!

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Julie Hickman 6/7/2016 · #22

Timely, appropriate and necessary piece @Rebel Brown! You've got moxie :)

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Rebel Brown 5/7/2016 · #21

And thanks for sharing @David Grinberg!!!!

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Rebel Brown 5/7/2016 · #20

#11 Right on @Rafiqul Islam Great to buzz with you here in the hives! Thanks for taking your time to comments!

Rebel Brown 5/7/2016 · #19

#10 We all misinterpret... its part of being human @Lisa Gallagher As you said, the key is to control ourselves and take the space to really feel into what we think is being said that is triggering us. I think thats where the opportunity for our personal growth and power comes... from learning about what triggers our limiting beliefs, pausing, listening, changing our focus and in the process, beginning to take control and change that belief so that the trigger is gone. Still, as you say, social media is such a limited communication medium, we're already behind before we even start. Blessings

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Rebel Brown 5/7/2016 · #18

#9 Thanks Ms @Renee Rosenmann I so appreciate you!!!!!