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Known fact advertising leads to customers and customers lead to revenues.

If we talk about advertising few decades back , ya it was fun watching the products on television and being new to world every one enjoyed seeing the commercials.

Now the products are too many the companies are too many and if we talk about the TV commercials or Web Ads it just distracting to the level that users tend to forget what they actually were watching or surfing.

Too much of every thing can be seen to show the importance or over power the audiences but we forgot the basic rule the more you try to dominate the the more we lose and the fear of losing heightens causing more aggressive approach.

The charm , the peace has been lost some where.

The advertising or the simple TV shows or the films have changed so much that they are just showing picture larger than life but real & most important thing is LIFE.

There are too many colors used but the true color of the company's vision is lost.

There is too much of noise & use of orchestra in any piece of Advertising but the sound that would touch the heart is lost.

If feedback is collected it also turns out biased as every one wants to be tagged as trendy one one is bold enough to be original.

Due to current marketing gimmicks we tend to get only few days of attention and there is no loyalty & long lasting, permanent customers any more.

People are willing to try new things which is not bad but some where the product and company policy should be such that the customers keep returning and have a feeling 100% trust or satisfaction. ( Value for money in technical terms )

Competition is good if it is done to achieve success by displaying the best of your products and services instead of every one saying the same, Our product is better than any company's product . Why compare? If you want to compare give the salient features of your products tell the customers how important they are for you and the best suggestions to improve on company's product /  services were adapted to make the best possible change.

Advertising and Marketing can be fun if there is positive competition ad done with an Aim to give the best to the Existing and Future Customers.

Happy Selling !! Happy Advertising !! Happy Marketing!! Happy Money Making!!Advertising

Thanks for reading my views.

Rekha Bhave