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How to Make Your WordPress Website More Functional with Plugins

How to Make Your WordPress Website More Functional with Plugins

Are you aware about the fact that most viral content on the web includes a quiz or some other kind of interactive media? A recent online survey showed that viral components like easy quizzes highlight some things about the web user and are shared online. Interactive content formats and encouraging to share helps promoting content and makes it go viral on social media networks like FaceBook and YouTube. You can see more interactive content with which more people remain engaged like text auto format. The easiest method to do this is using interactive plugins. In this post we will discuss how to make your WordPress website more functional with plugins. Here are some methods with which you can make your WordPress website more interactive.

Here we will discuss about some plugin tools to make your WordPress site more functional:-

1) Akismet

This plugin helps you to fight spam like a boss. It keeps a check on your comments against Akismet web services to see whether they appear like spam or not and lets you review the spam. This plugin tool catches your blog comments in the admin screen. This plugin is fully automated and promotes easy moderation. URLs are shown in the body of comments to reveal hidden links and moderators that can see the number of approved comments.

2) BJ Lazy Load

This plugin helps you to replace all your thumbnails, post images, gravatar photos and content iframes with a place holder and loads the content to get close to enter a browser when any visitor scrolls the page. This plugin also works well with text widgets. As this plugin tool works well with iframes it also covers embedded videos from Vimeo and YouTube platforms. You can also lazy load other images and iframes in your theme with the help of a simple filter

3) Clef

This plugin tool has been powered by WordPress. It makes your logins impenetrable. It offers easy to use strong two factor authentication with the help of smart phones. This plugin has the power to replace insecure passwords and one time codes with beautiful waves of clef. If you want to login with clef then just open the mobile app and sync with Clef Wave. Clef stores your encrypted private key on your phone instead of storing it in a central database. Here your login credentials remain safe on your phone.

4) Contact Form 7

This plugin tool helps you to create highly functional forms on your WordPress websites. Contact Form 7 can help in management of contact forms. You can also customize the contact forms with this plugin tool powered by WordPress. This form also supports Akismet spam filtering and much more.

5) Disable Comments

With this plugi