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“I’m making it my mission to get you out of Chatham.” Such were the words of a well-meaning friend. At this point, I don’t feel the need to leave the little town I moved to less than two months ago. I’m not sure exactly what I will find here, but I am not the least bit inclined to leave. I love my little house. I could do without some of my neighbours, but they don’t really affect my life. My world is within the walls of my home and my happiness depends solely upon me. I am quite happy. In fact, I have absolutely nothing to be sad about. I am free to live as I want.

It’s funny how people feel compelled to place their values on others. Society does that to all sorts of people, telling them what they should and shouldn’t do and setting standards for people to live by. I remember when I was in university I was a member of a volunteer group that went into a local home for people who were “post mentally ill and post institutionalized”. That’s a nice way of saying they were locked up too long to ever live independently. Hangovers from a time when those who didn’t fit in got hidden away. We were supposed to find ways to connect with the residents through weekly visits. The lady I was assigned to be a companion to lived by values that did not meet the norms of society. She had a boyfriend and they had been living together in his brother’s unfinished basement. The floor was rubble, not even concrete. Somebody intervened and had her put into this “facility” that let her leave during the day. In her file it said that she thought the home she shared with her boyfriend was nice. It struck me even then how subjective nice is and I wondered who made the laws that said your floors have to be made of a particular material and your walls painted white. Why was her version of nice so unacceptable? After all, there was a time in humanity when living in a cave or a tent made of animal skin was considered nice. When did humans start wanting everyone to be the same? Is it in our DNA? Is it what is required to maintain our connections with others?

We must bloom where we are planted.

Sometimes life places us in unexpected circumstances. We don’t always get to stay in the places we start out in. Sometimes other people don’t like the places we choose to live in or the lifestyle choices we make. Sometimes we are compelled to stretch beyond our natural inclinations and do things we might normally never do. I left an area I lived in for thirty years, but I am content to be in this new place and am eager to bring something new to the community here. I am not sure exactly how that will look, but I am really thinking about what it could be. Change brings opportunity. Small towns hold opportunity for those who have the courage and ingenuity to create it for themselves. Nothing happens for people who stand around and wait for things to come their way. If you are creative and unwilling to settle into complacency, then you will surely thrive. I like to think that’s the case, at least.

It is important to do your best to honour your commitments.

So here I am in this lonely town where I have no family or friends (yet). I thought it might be nice to get a dog. That way I could meet people when I go out for walks and visits to the dog park around the corner. There are many dogs in need of a loving home, so I contacted a rescue. In comes Beau. A handsome and affectionate American Bulldog, Boxer cross. He’s one year old and a mere 49 lbs. or 22 kg. OMG! So much energy and no training. It seems I’ve got my work cut out for me.

“That dog is not how I see you. He’s got those slobbery jowls and he’s all over you.” Another well meaning person trying to tell me what’s good for me. Feck-off, I’m thinking. I’m 54 years old. I can make my own decisions and if I want a slobbery dog then I shall have one (and I do). I get it, though. Beau is a lot of work and I was kind of hoping for a calmer dog, but I made a commitment to him and I shall not falter. I understand that my home will not remain pristine and it will be a while before I can wear white pants again and even as I write this I wonder what he’s up to. I just checked. He was looking out the glass door, just relaxing. Now he’s back to bugging me momentarily. In those calm moments he’s my little buddy. In his hyper, naughty child moments he’s the bane of my existence. I try to focus on his sweet moments and the times he makes me laugh. In those moments I don’t feel so lost. Beau and I are connected. He needs me and I need him, too.

I’m caught in that space between the new and exciting and the unknown and scary. I push myself to not be fearful and to remember that I am in control of my own well being. I have no answers and I feel as though I am groping around in the dark trying to get my bearings. Another friend sends me a text message. I often think he is telepathically connected to me. He has an uncanny way of reaching out to me when I need him the most and of knowing what I am thinking the second a thought forms in my mind. He does it all the time. I am in awe because I can’t hide my thoughts from him and I never feel the need to. Nobody else enjoys that privilege. 

A spring storm has come up suddenly. Chatham is a windy little city surrounded by miles and miles of desolate farm land. Plunked in the middle of nowhere, I am like Chatham. Lost, yet mysteriously connected.

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