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The Joy of Joy

The Joy of Joy

I don't think there is a more joyful creature on this earth than my dog when he is carrying a stick. I get a real kick out of experiencing his exuberance. It reminds me of how contagious our emotions are and how sensitive we can be to the energy that is around us. Knowing this, I fail to fully understand how anyone can allow themselves to be surrounded by miserable people, or how they can willingly keep themselves stuck in a negative headspace. It’s not that I don’t ever feel down, but I have learned that turning my attention toward better feeling thoughts causes an energy shift in your whole life that makes every day that much better.

Here are some interesting observations I have had about misery and miserable people:

I have never met a journalist who wasn’t a depressed and miserable human being.

* People who obsess over the news and all of the problems in the world often struggle with mental health issues.

Only complainers enjoy the company of complainers.

* Depressed people are depressing to be around. They will piss on your fire every time.

People who have a lot of rotten shit happen to them time and time again are toxic with negativity, even when it’s a good day.

People who love drama, love to latch onto other people’s problems and perpetuate negative feelings such as hopelessness and anger in their victims.

People who seek pleasure in misery can’t get enough of it. They will cause it for both themselves and others, prolonging the experience as much as possible.

Focussing on your past misery will never make your past or your present feel good. Ugly is always ugly.

* 20% of miserable people want to stay that way. The other 80% could be taught to think differently. The brain is malleable and you can build new neuropathways to change your thought habits.

It's so much better to keep a positive mindset.

I like working with people who want to grow and be better. I like being around people who can see the positive before the negative. I like knowing that the choice to be happy is as easy as deciding to focus on the things in my life that bring me some degree of joy. Some days, it’s a simple as watching my dog carry a stick when we go for a walk.

Guard your joy in this life. If you do nothing else, do that for yourself. Push away people who are perpetually miserable. Push away people who want to remind you of your shortcomings or unfortunate circumstances. Be the light in someone’s day, instead. Give a word of kindness to a stranger or anyone for that matter. Help an old lady cross the street. Pick up some litter. Pay for a stranger’s purchase at a coffee shop. Take time to remember happy events in your life, whether it was a joke or a conversation or a big event like childbirth. Just find a place to go in your mind that feels good. Meditate at least once a day for 15 minutes. Count your blessings before you sleep. Go over all the fun moments in your day or week. Go to sleep feeling happy and wake up feeling happy. Appreciate the weather. Appreciate having a job, a spouse, children, pets, a roof over your head… appreciate what you have. Appreciation heals your mind, body and soul. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Guard your joy.

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Renée 🐝 Cormier May 21, 2019 · #15

#14 Gracias! Thank you, my friend.

Humberto Rodriguez May 20, 2019 · #14

Maravilloso y simple..tan simple como cuando mi perro acarrea su juguete. Beatiful and great job. Congratulation

+1 +1
Jerry Fletcher May 14, 2019 · #13

Renee, Honest advice delivered from a positive perspective. Unfortunately those of a pragmatic viewpoint want a greater range to wiggle in. Keep on preachin' Just remember that not everyone will heed the calling. And so it goes.

Renée 🐝 Cormier May 8, 2019 · #12

#10 Haha! You're a genius @Ken Boddie!

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John Rylance May 4, 2019 · #11

#10 Back in the days when you could only tell how much fuel you had in the tank was to use a dipstick. Garage owners would say half empty. If they said half full then the motorist was unlikely to fill up. 
Incidentally in the Comedy "Only fools and horses" Del Boy often called Roders a dipstick. 

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Ken Boddie May 4, 2019 · #10

Well, Renée, I guess it all boils down to the old glass half full vs glass half empty attitude. As an engineer, I’d empty the contents into a much smaller glass, then everybody’s happy. 🤗

+2 +2

Great job here congratulations 🎊

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