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Annimals communicate too

Annimals communicate too

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A cat that communicates in sign language with its deaf owners. Don't you believe it? Then please watch the video! It's really true.

Who says that animals are stupid is wrong, as the video here proves.
Of course, I don't know to what extent the owner taught his cat to sign, but only the ability to acquire it shows that animals are anything but stupid.
A deaf woman has also taught her cat sign language, read it for yourself at

As I mentioned in a previous blog, my own cats had the ability to wake me up in the morning, even though I didn't hear the sound of their meowing without hearing aids. They did not use gestures, but had their own methods to attract my attention.
Like humans, animals communicate not only with their voices, but also (and mostly above all) with body language. Think of the old saying:"Barking dogs don't bite". Well, that's generally true. But we all know that a dog that growls, has turned its ears backwards and looks tense, is ready to bite.
But what is less well known is that cats hardly meow among themselves. The body language is usually sufficient for communication among each other. They learned to meow especially for communication with their people.
The fact that some animals, like this cat in the video, go so far as to learn signlanguage to be able to communicate with their humans, probably shows how important communication is for animals too. And most of the time the animals are probably as clear as humans. A cat with a hunchback, her tail and ears cleaned up to the back is hardly misunderstood: she certainly does not want to be stroked!
Then of course there are the animals that can actually speak, like parrots. We learn them words, they repeat it to us and we find it sweet. I honestly don't know where this ability to speak parrot comes from, but the fact is that most animals like to communicate with us. And even if we don't understand "catty" or "doglike", we usually know exactly what our dog or kitten wants from us.

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