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Decision made

Decision made

For those readers who may be wondering how the testing of the new hearing aids is progressing, I have good news today: the decision has been made!

Since, after intensive testing at the beginning of January, it was still not quite clear to me which of the two tested hearing aids was really the best for me, I decided to test a third hearing aid. Same brand and also the same series, but in functionality somewhere between the two other hearing aids.
I was able to test this new hearing aids immediately, when my husband and I had a drink and something to eat with a few friends in the pub, I actually had trouble understanding the conversations, although it was not particularly loud and full in the pub.

A week later, under similar conditions, I tested the first hearing aids again for comparison. This time it was even louder and fuller in the pub. It soon became clear to me, however, that I could understand my husband relatively well and even understood threads of conversation from the surrounding area. The difference between the two hearing aids seemed even clearer than when testing the second hearing aid.

This was probably the clearest indication that the first hearing aids were the best fit for me. And that was what made my decision final.

At the final hearing test, at the acoustician’s, with the new hearing aids my intelligibility for numbers and words was about 90% at very low volume and even 100% at normal speech volume! Both my acoustician and I were pleasantly surprised by this result, as my hearing loss is more than 70% …
This means that my test phase has not only been successfully completed, but that the new hearing aids also have a great added value for me.

I am well aware that not every hearing aid fitting is so successful. That’s why I appreciate all the more what the new hearing aids can offer me.

With the accessories that I also tested, only one, a TV adapter, was successful. A so-called streamer for the landline telephone and PC (Skype), among other things, did not work as hoped. Actually, I needed the device mainly for telephoning with the landline telephone. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth protocol of the device did not match the Bluetooth protocol of our landline telephone. In short: our landline telephone was too old.

But fortunately we were able to solve this problem. We bought a landline telephone that was not too expensive and that was compatible with the correct Bluetooth protocol, and now I can even connect my RogerPen to it. In this way I can telephone again over Bluetooth with the landline telephone and then can hear the voice of my interlocutor (mostly my mother) directly in my hearing aids, which makes telephone for me less strenuous and also highly improves intelligibility. My husband and the neighbours will also be happy because I no longer have to use the LOUD telephone speakers.

So, end good, all good. I am happy, my environment is happy and even my husband is happy. Only our bank account is not happy, but even there we will find a solution!