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"Heard from the Acoustician"

In this section, the Acoustician Team keeps you up to date on technology, advice, handling hearing aids and personal experience in the profession of an acoustician.
The Acoustician Team consists of 2 Acousticians and Oscar, their Mental Coach on 4 paws.

"Heard from the Acoustician"

Christmas Festivities

Family celebration at Christmas, Christmas dinner with the company, a cosy Raclette evening with the club, a contemplative evening in silence completely alone or a common Advent singing in the quarter.

There are innumerable possibilities and preferences to spend the Christmas season. And with it completely and closely connected are the most different discussion and hearing situations. These can present our clients with smaller, larger and greater challenges.

These festive days it is advisable to check your hearing aids or have them checked. The following questions can serve as guidelines: Does my hearing system work? Do I have enough batteries or is the accu charged? Are the speaker and microphone filters okay? Is the ear canal free of earwax (plug)? Does the accessory work as usual? Are the sound tube and earpiece functional?

If, for example, conversations are conducted with a normal loud voice, clearly, in the immediate vicinity, looking into the face and with reduced ambient noise, the chance of understanding increases. Pauses in conversation, naming the topic and short keywords can also be valuable for the hearing aid user.

And for those who say to themselves, "If I only had worn my hearing aid more often this year," it's hopefully encouraging to hear that a whole new year lies ahead of us all.

The Acoustician Team wishes all of you a merry and relaxed Christmas Time.