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"Heard from the acoustician"

In this section, the Acoustician Team keeps you up to date on technology, advice, handling hearing aids and personal experience in the profession of an acoustician.
The Acoustician Team consists of 2 Acousticians and Oscar, their Mental Coach on 4 paws.
Today, Oscar the mental coach, is introducing himself.

I’m Oscar.
"Heard from the acoustician"

That says it all for me. However, Heike and Julia have made it clear to me that this information might be a bit short for the readers and my introduction blog would be very clear.

I am Oscar. I live in the here and now, sniff passionately and simply like to be with my people. In June 2020 I will be 4 years young and I belong almost my whole life to the team Ohrladen Schlieren.

I love my job as a fitness and mental coach.

Because everyone needs a task in life that he loves.

My people are fit by extended walking with me through forest and over meadows. The part as a mental coach is my more important task. I as a dog live, as already said, in the here and now. If I have experienced situations or encounters that I find strange, then I shake myself and the world is fine for me again.

But people sometimes seem to get stuck with their thoughts about before, yesterday and tomorrow. They forget to live in the moment. But only this moment is important, experience it with all your senses. And I may say that my people are learning and improving. I do a good job. I learn from them and they learn from me. It’s a valuable exchange.

So I feel the warming rays of the spring sun on my fur, hear the wind rustling through the grass, a little beetle laughing tears of joy and sniffing out what is much more interesting for me, the most different things. I notice with my nose that a cat crossed my way here this morning and dozed an attractive she-dog in 2km distance. I could tell you so much more, you would open ears and eyes.

What I have already learned about ears, hearing and understanding – I will tell you about that another time.
Now it’s time for the lunch tour through the Schlieremer Forest. Maybe I will meet the attractive she-dog there!

What are you looking forward to? What will open your heart?

Sincerely, your Labbi Oscar