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Home alone

Home alone


Sometimes I'm at home alone for a few days because my husband is away on business. This doesn't happen so often, but when my husband isn't there, I have to take some action. This means in my case, especially in the evenings and at night, to ensure that I can be reached in an emergency.
As I have reported before (see "Alarm Clock"), apart from my tinnitus I hardly hear anything when I take off my hearing aids, this is not an easy task.

Our phone has batteries and I'm not so sure if the batteries are enough to last a whole night without a charger. That's why I put my mobile phone next to my bed, sufficiently charged and ready for use. If there is a really tricky situation, for example if my mother is not feeling so well, I put my mobile phone even under my pillow, hoping that the vibration will wake me up if the phone rings and I also warn my relatives that they will call me at night via my mobile phone if something is going on.
Of course, this is not an ideal solution, because the mobile phone also vibrates when it comes to SMS, e-mail or anything else. And the security that I am woken by my mobile phone is unfortunately not guaranteed. The cell phone vibration is not as strong as from my alarm clock.
Fortunately, it hasn't happened yet that I was rung out of my sleep at night, but somehow it makes me restless. And it makes me realize how much I usually trust in these things on my husband!

On the one hand, it is of course a reassuring idea that there is someone who is immediately alerted in an emergency situation. On the other hand, I don't like my insecurity when my husband isn't around at night. I am always very independent and I don't like to be dependent on something or someone, even if it is my dearly beloved husband. Nevertheless, sometimes I also have to admit and accept that I have a hearing impairment and that I have to look for creative solutions every now and then when I reach my