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My Task

My Task

The last few days the world is under the spell of mass protests, both in the USA and elsewhere. The cause of these protests was the death of African-American George Floyd.
George Floyd died after brutal violence by American police officers.

Personally, I grew up with the idea that every human being is equal, although I have experienced different: at school I was bullied because I was “different”. Many classmates just did not accept that I was “different” and only knew how to deal with it by bullying. The village where I grew up was a closed community at that time, almost without “outsiders”. And what or whom one does not know …. one does not trust, or makes unpopular.
Racism and discrimination are not new, but from all times and the reason is mostly … the unknown. As a white person, I cannot understand what it is like to be confronted with racism every day. However, as an open minded person, the suffering of so many people hurts me.

Just like it hurts me that many people with an impairment, handicap (how you want to call it) have to fight their way into and through our society every day. Every day they encounter barriers on their path. From here, I would like to pay tribute to those people today. No matter whether you are “well equipped”, “with an open visor” or quite casually facing everyday life, if you have an impairment or handicap, at some point and somewhere you will meet one or more hurdles that have to be overcome.
In the local society everything is faster and nearer, among other things due to the social media, and people hardly take time for (self-)reflection, hardly ask themselves the question “who am I and how do I stand in this society?

For years now I have been trying to inform people about life with a hearing impairment, on the one hand to make the “unknown” better known so that acceptance may grow.
On the other hand I try to show that hearing impaired people should not only make demands, but also have their own responsibility to take and encourage them to be more independent.
In this sense, I have slowly found my role in this society. Whether I am writing my blog posts or leading sensibilisation workshops, everything that has happened before and everything that will happen later has led me to this task.
Even now, as I write this post, I feel the importance of this realization.
How my task will develop and will take shape in the future is still in the stars but that it exists is clear to me. And I wish all of you to discover your personal task in life as well.

Even if we cannot understand something or someone, we can still have and show compassion and respect. Even if we personally can’t change anything about the facts, we can start to reduce our fear of the unknown.
In the sensibilisation workshops I really notice how this works. If you are open to listen to those who are affected themselves and to hear what they need, fears decrease and understanding increases. And when eyes are opened, even briefly, this also has an effect on other levels.

So be assured:  I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand.

#14 @Fay Vietmeier

Thank you. I son't wish to elaborate any more on these comments. But my respect for you compels me to say one thought. I am endowed with a great number of comments on my posts. I am just surprised what all those gentle persons .would say if they find that mostly they were praising "vapid nonsense". The issue isn't only directed at me; it is also on almost every comment writer.

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John Rylance Jun 21, 2020 · #15

#7 there is a phrase usually associated with outspoken people starting a comment with "I speak as I Find", which usually means that that person is about to be disparaging about someone. I suspect you are such a person, who offers an apology in some form before the the Target complains. A form of the old soccer saying of equalising before the other side score.

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Fay Vietmeier Jun 21, 2020 · #14

#6 @Don Philpott☘️
Don ~ I know you are impassioned for people to see differently ... your posts convey that
... this simple truth ...
"you catch more bees with honey" (than vinegar)

MANY on this platform have HIGH regard ... great RESPECT for Professor @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
He has earned this.
I am of that crowd. I speak for myself in saying that I have found numerous "pearls" of insight, wisdom and understanding in the Professor's posts ...

I know he does not need me to defend him ... but I felt the need to do so.

His posts are NOT "vapid nonsense" ... this is an attack on him ... and a POOR reflection on you

Words have the ability to inflict wounds:
... they can wound other people ... but we can also wound our very self with the words we choose

What do your words say about you?

... putting people down ... is off-putting ... pushes people away: a great detriment to effectively communicate what you are earnestly trying to say

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Renee Iseli - Smits Jun 21, 2020 · #13

It did, thank you!

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#11 @Renee Iseli - Smits

Thank you and I hope my respect for you and for your post that I shared proudly stopped me from using impolite or downgrading words.

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Renee Iseli - Smits Jun 21, 2020 · #11

@Don Philpott☘️ @Ali-Anani
As human beings, we uniquely evolved using words, both spoken and written. We use words in love and hat, professional and casual. We can use words to formulate an opinion. We can choose to agree or disagree, as we can choose to share opinions or not.
If we do choose to share opinions, we can choose our words careful and respectful, or not. Personally, I like to choose my words careful and respectful.
Or, we can choose to produce honey and use our words to good, balanced arguments ...

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Don Philpott☘️ Jun 21, 2020 · #10

Let me clarify for the extremely slow witted: "Riots" and "looting" do not suddenly attack "democrat controlled cities"only. Even "scientists" can make use this simple logical application. Hence the conclusion that this was planned and paid for and carried out in specific locations for a purpose, to divide and conquer via race politics.

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