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A Tuesday Field Trip

A Tuesday Field Trip

Management Beyond Profit Class (2010). (Center) Prof. Shobhana Madhavan. (Below her, on the right) me, the guy in the purple shirt.

This is a personal story from (2010) my past. When I was an MBA Student, not in school but still in class. The college was called Amrita School of Business. The class was Management beyond Profit; my minor was Human Resources. The location was Coimbatore, in the Southern end of India. So without further ado, let's go back in time, without any more trivia.

Tuesdays were never really my favorite day of the week

Somehow, always, the scope of 'something happening' was weak.

So, there was a sense foreboding as I woke up on that day,

Brushed, bathed and dressed for the field trip on February's 15'th day.

We waited at the pickup point (main gate) for half an hour

Finally, when the bus came, we were all sleepy-eyed and sour.

On arriving at our destination, “Shanti Ashram”

I departed the bus with a mental tantrum.

But as I made my way into the compound

I was enveloped by a sense of serenity that was present all around

I heard the crisp sounds of birds chirping and leaves blowing,

Felt a cool breeze on my face, it was a beautiful morning.

There was a smile on my face as I entered the Ashram's threshold.

And there I with a picture of M.K Gandhi, large and bold

Near to it was the picture of Mr. & Mrs. Aram

They were the founders of Shanti Ashram

It was a room that defined them and their life's mission

With Gandhiji's 'Sarvodaya' as their vision.

We then gathered around for the morning prayer

It was a ritual they followed with a discipline that was rare.

They sang praises and prayed in the name of different religions<