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Are you Struggling with your Social Media/Content Marketing Plans? If so, Trust me when I say this, it's Not as Complicated as it May Seem

Are you Struggling with your Social Media/Content Marketing Plans? If so, Trust me when I say this, it's Not as Complicated as it May Seem

Discover what people are really saying when you are communicating with them! Connect with me or contact me at Always happy to have a conversation!

I have been a marketing professional for a few years now and I've had opportunities to experience and learn from people, different industries, different mediums of marketing and different types of selling (direct, cold calling, online, inbound, advertising, you name it.)

In the last 6 months, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of information out there, especially pertaining to social media and content marketing. Too much of anything can be a bad thing. Some of my clients/customers/colleagues seem to be getting bogged down by all this information. They are finding it difficult to get a fix on what to focus on anymore.

This article is aimed at cutting through all the noise and presenting certain realities of marketing/selling on social media, in the hope that it helps you adopt a more simplified and purpose-driven strategy for the same.

Let's begin with,

The Most Important Facet of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Bebee, Snapchat, Pinterest, the list is long ever growing. But what does it all lead to? REACH! You're efforts and actions on any and all social media is to reach as many people as possible. Target demographics/market is a wonderful marketing concept. However, the more people know about you, the more they are aware of your brand, product, and services! In case the strategy of 'targeted segmenting', doesn't work as effectively as you want, you can always rely on 'WORD OF MOUTH'. Human beings are social animals. PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS TALK, CONNECT, AND SOCIALIZE. So don't let the concept of a 'target market' limit yourself from promoting your product and services. REACH IS ABOUT GETTING INFORMATION TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN.

Networking = Friends: I am talking about networking, of course. But instead of focusing on building a network, why not make real relationships? These are people after all. As mentioned in the above paragraph, social media gives you reach! Here I am writing an article in the Southern State of India - Kerala, and any person who has access to the respective social media website can read about it, can connect with me and talk to me. We can move past the title of 'network connections' and be 'friends'. We can share information about our families, our culture, our businesses our economy and in the process learn from each other. Establishing trust and credibility. All of which are beneficial for both parties.

Content is King, but the KING needs a NAME: The articles and videos I have seen on these are numerous. And the respective producers of the content have my full support and admiration. The information presented by them are incredible, to say the least. One can clearly see the level of passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to the work behind these articles and videos. However, YOU NEED TO PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT. Ariana Huffington, Richard Branson, these names sell. Content from them sells. To those who are not aware what I'm talking about, look up the term - INFLUENCER MARKETING.

Content is my only KING: Well, all of us can't be a SUPERSTAR or have access to one. In that case, make the king more relevant. For example, why did you click on this article? Do you believe it was the interesting title that caught your attention or did it seem more relevant to what you were looking for? Well, there's your strategy right there.

No matter how well you prepare your content, the name, the short description (or an interesting piece of media) that is associated is with the content is what gets people's attention, based on what they are looking for.

What Are People Looking For: When the first set of Harry Potter books came out, people called it the book that got non-readers (people who were not in the habit of reading), to read. Now that may have been a PR strategy, but there was some truth to it as well. The book did not have pictures or any kind of media. It was over 500 pages long with JUST WORDS! And yes, J.K Rowling wrote a completely fictional fantasy that captured the imagination of millions of people all over the world. Or maybe that story was exactly what people were looking for, at the time!

The point of any inbound marketing activity is to bring the customer to the business. SEO marketing is part of that process. We rely on search engines when we are looking for information. And people are always searching for something. Your content should be in line with that principle - PROVIDING INFORMATION, FIRST.

My point is if you feel like your worrying too much about content/social media marketing or you are unsure of what to focus on. Relax! Focus on the smaller more simpler aspects, before worrying about applying the 'clever tips/tricks/tactics' that you keep coming across every other day. Read about them, learn about them, keep yourselves informed. Use it when you think you need to.

Thank you for reading. 
Discover what people are really saying when you are communicating with them! Connect with me or contact me at Always happy to have a conversation!

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Sharing This !! :)

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#2 Thank you, Sir. I appreciate the feedback.

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#1 And your blessing and wishes fill my heart. Thank you, sir. 

Debesh Choudhury 12/3/2018 · #2

"Content is the King" this is true, and keeping the content useful for many is the key. Your rules help @Renoy K. George

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Simple rules get results. It is as simple as that. Thank you for sharing your simple rules @Renoy K. George. They seem simple, but there feedback on each other make them self-reinforcing and with time they shall lead to speedy results.

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