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How to Make Decisions when facing Uncertainties or a Crisis: A Real Life Story

How to Make Decisions when facing Uncertainties or a Crisis: A Real Life Story

Decision making is a skill that can't be taught, but learned over experiences. However, making decisions in the face of uncertainty is more often a matter of intuition rather than skill.

When my cousin (Adam) was 16 years old, he went on a joy ride with his friend (Pappu) and classmate, in Pappu's Dad's car. To those of you who don't know, in India, the minimum legal age for attaining a driver's license is 18 years or above. In other words, none of them had a driver's license. And yes, they borrowed the car without informing their respective parents.

Long, scary, story short, Pappu lost control of the car. There was an accident, there was property damage and it happened in a very rough neighborhood, 6 kilometers (3.72 miles) away from their idyllic residential colony.

Thankfully, no one was injured. Apart from a scare Adam and Appu were fine as well. However, the car was a mess, there was property damage, and it was a very rough neighborhood. The kind that would resort to 'mob justice'. Pappu was in shock, unable to move or speak and there was a mob beginning to form around Pappu's dad's 'wrecked' car.

Take control by Focusing on the First immediate problem.

Not knowing what was going to happen next, Adam decided to take control of the situation by focusing on the first immediate problem. He opened the door and asked the 'mob' for help, communicating the urgency by the tone of his voice and hand gestures. At first, they were just mad, unwilling to move and a few even yelled at him.Then a few started making their way towards him with rage in their eyes, and clenched fists.

Make Solving the First Immediate Problem, your Immediate Goal.

Adam decided to continue with his course of action, this time pointing towards Pappu and raising his voice, telling them something was wrong with him. After a few seconds of hesitancy, some of the elder people in the crowd encouraged the younger (hot-headed ones) to help him. They then helped Adam carry his friend out of the car and lay him down on the side of the road. (Although, I wouldn't encoura