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International Business Festival attracts buyers and sellers from around the world

It's almost a year since the last bi-annual International Business Festival (IBF) held in Liverpool's exhibition centre. I imagine preparations will be in hand for next June's festival (June 12 - 28  2018) which sees visitors from many parts of the world. Held over three weeks, this offers different themes, so can pick the dates that offer most value to your business.

What I found interesting last year, apart from listening to some excellent speakers and picking up tips on social media marketing, was the brokerage events organised by both the European Enterprise Network (EEN) and the IFB. I met with companies, for 1-2-1 meetings, from the Philippines, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Portugal and of course the UK. 

Not all resulted in business deals but for me what I feel is important is building relationships and helping other people achieve their goals as well as your own. Therefore business partnerships that offer a win-win are paramount. For example, as software developers of Repeat Signage digital signage software, I was looking to expand our reseller partners, and where we partner with resellers who supply display screens, media players, system integration or graphic designs, we can let our customers know about these additional services, thus providing a complete digital signage solution  for customers around the world.

 And I've made some good friends too. Roll on IBF 2018.

International Business Festival attracts buyers and sellers from around the world

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