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Ringing the chases in your company brochures

In the past, our company brochure has included the features and benefits of our products, as do most company brochures.

This time however, we decided to make a change.  We contacted some of our customers, who create Repeat Signage digital signage software presentations for various vertical markets and, use different features that work best for their business. 

Ringing the chases in your company brochures
For example, at Caxton Publishers in Johannesburg, use the RSS feed creator a lot, to display messages on screen for their customers in the coffee area, and for their staff in the board room.  They also use the page-turning PDF feature to showcase their magazine covers, and when they are out and about exhibiting, they stream live media back to their office display screens to keep everyone updated.

Meanwhile, at a hospital in the US, they have a 6-screen 'donor' display wall, and use the in-built spreadsheet feature to list the names of the donors and amounts donated, as well as including pictures of their donors, hospital
equipment purchased from donations.  

In the UK, several schools and colleges use Repeat Signage to showcase their school activities with videos of sports day and drama plays, playlists of artwork, news feeds and some of the schools even involve their students in using the software to create presentations for display on reception area screens.

Presentations created by our customers are wide and varied.  Some of our customers, such as Velo Restaurants in London, had a graphic designer produce the images for use in Repeat Signage to display on their digital menu boards, whilst other customers, such as YOWI Deli in Singapore, prefer to use their own stock of images or some of the free one's that Repeat Signage make available.

As our new Repeat Signage brochure has more images and less text, it's easier to 'see' what can be achieved for digital signage displays and we would like to thank our customers for supplying images, which is much appreciated.  One customer summed it up nicely by saying, they were pleased to help.

Repeat Signage brochure

Jerry Fletcher 11/11/2017 · #1

Linda, Great idea. One suggestion. Add a before and after section or simply add a before photo. It will help the graphically disabled to see what can be done more quickly. Just a thought.