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Whistleblowing - Would You Take the Risk?

Whistleblowing - Would You Take the Risk?

My name is Jim Kane, and I am now labeled as a ‘whistleblower.’

Am I proud of my actions? Absolutely!

Has it changed my life? Without a doubt!

Would I do it again? I’m not so sure.

The impact of my decision to blow the whistle on my employer is far greater than I ever expected. As a hardworking man with high standards, a 16-year history with the Armed Services, and a family service legacy that dates back to the founding of the United States, I have always been an advocate of truth and justice. 

However, after I blew the whistle on wrongdoings in my place of employment, it didn’t take long before I acquired the dubious label of ‘whistleblower,’ which as you probably already know, is construed as a ‘troublemaker.’ Leadership immediately began taking steps to silence me and force me into compliance ‘or else.’ I was treated as an outcast – a pariah – instead of recognized for my courage.

Whistleblowing - Would You Take the Risk?What is a Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is a person who reports knowledge of illegal activities that occur within an organization. Whistleblowers can be employees, suppliers, contractors, clients or anyone that becomes aware of unlawful activities taking place, generally within their workplace.  (Investopedia)

Whistleblowers are protected from retaliation under various federal programs, but they often face very difficult hurdles to prove what they know. Unfortunately, I can’t give you all the details because my case is still pending – but I will share the basics.

My hope is that your support will help defray my legal expenses as I fight what turned into my wrongful discharge.

Here is What I Can Tell You

During the last 18 months of my employment with a large government agency, I file