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Whistleblowing - Would You Take the Risk?

Whistleblowing - Would You Take the Risk?

My name is Jim Kane, and I am now labeled as a ‘whistleblower.’

Am I proud of my actions? Absolutely!

Has it changed my life? Without a doubt!

Would I do it again? I’m not so sure.

The impact of my decision to blow the whistle on my employer is far greater than I ever expected. As a hardworking man with high standards, a 16-year history with the Armed Services, and a family service legacy that dates back to the founding of the United States, I have always been an advocate of truth and justice. 

However, after I blew the whistle on wrongdoings in my place of employment, it didn’t take long before I acquired the dubious label of ‘whistleblower,’ which as you probably already know, is construed as a ‘troublemaker.’ Leadership immediately began taking steps to silence me and force me into compliance ‘or else.’ I was treated as an outcast – a pariah – instead of recognized for my courage.