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Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

ADPACKPRO is an Online Advertising Platform registered in Switzerland in April 2016. The company behind this advertising platform is a Corporation called "OneVision Holding AG" based in Switzerland, headed by 5 owners, each with extensive experience in their respective fields (sales, finance, online marketing, SEO), and which hold senior positions in the management of the company.

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

The company sells various internet technology related products.  AdPackPro is one of those products (lead generation of visitors and web traffic exchange). There are several other products that are also sold apart from AdpackPro, such as a very successful SEO academy, where one of its teachers is shareholder of OneVision Holding AG, Mr. Jeroen Smid, who is one of the most prestigious and renowned experts on SEO in Europe.

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

The company is governed by the tax laws of Switzerland which is where it is registered. You can see this on the following site: http://internet-academy-europe.com/impressum/


- Each Adpack (advertising pack) costs 25 € and ends up producing 30 € (120% return). Adpacks are currently expiring on and around 120-130 days from the time of purchase.

- When you buy the Adpack you can then decide what kind of advertising you want i.e., text ads or banners of different sizes.

- You receive an invoice for each one of your purchases or repurchases.

- Each Adpack provides you with 10,000 impressions and 100 guaranteed clicks of your ad.

- Your direct referrals will generate you 11% commission of all purchases and repurchases. And referrals of your 2nd level, i.e. the referrals of your direct referrals, will generate you commissions of 7% of all purchases and repurchases. If you intend to build a team of referrals, this last point is fantastic!!!

- The maximum number of AdPacks that an affiliate can have is 3,000 units (costing 75,000 €). If you have 3,000 units this alone will generate you 15,000 € each life cycle of the Adpacks, i.e. every 120-130 days, which is approx 3,500 – 3,750 € per month. Then every one of your direct referrals that reaches 3,000 AdPacks will additionally generate you commissions worth 8,250 € in each life cycle and if your 2nd level referrals reach 3,000 units that will generate you 5,250 €.

(All these amounts are just projections, they are not a guarantee or proof of payment. They are a representation of what could be earned with the right strategy and work plan).

- There is an annual membership that is paid basis the number of Adpacks. The free membership option only entitles you to the commissions of your first level referrals, as you can see from the following table:

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

- AdpackPro was launched April 2016 and currently has affiliates throughout Europe, mainly from Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

In short, after analysing the overall program, I think that it is an excellent opportunity, but I also want you to know my Likes and Dislikes of this business opportunity.


- The AdPacks are very affordable for people with financial difficulties. At their current price most people can begin to buy Adpacks and begin to generate an income.

- When you buy an AdPack and you pay with your credit card, there are no additional costs (taxes, management fees, etc..) in other words each AdPack costs 25 € full stop.

- When you buy an Adpack you can decide what kind of advertising you want to place i.e., text ads or banners of different sizes.

- There’s no payment processor like PayPal, Payza etc… The company pays you directly from their corporate account to your bank account within 48-72 hours.

- You can make up to 4 withdrawals per month without additional costs, thereafter you will be charged 10 € for each withdrawal.

- You can apply for a Mastercard or Maestro card, which has an annual fee of 70 €, and which you can use to make withdrawals or purchase goods or services with.

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

- If you build an extensive team, the income you can generate can be spectacular, 11% of your first level and 7% of your second level.

- The Adapcks, must be used. If you don’t have anything to advertise, the system gives you the option to randomly assign one of their ads in the system. In this way it ensures that all the affiliates are running ads and therefore generating traffic within the platform.

- The timing is ideal, especially for the Hispanic market, but even for the English speaking market. At present affiliates are mainly from Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Austria. We ar beginning to see affiliates in the UK, but still very few.

- That the company is registered in Switzerland, governed by Swiss Law and is part of a holding company – not a single owner.

- The Holding company sells other new tech and Internet related products which as an affiliate you have the opportunity to market and obtain commissions.

- There is a lot of work ahead of us but with determination and a strong work ethic we can all achieve great things. The beginnings of anything can be hard but the rewards are amazing!!!!!

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value


- The platform is backed by an important group called ONEVISION HOLDING AG.

- One of the shareholders and professors of their academy is also one of the most prestigious and recognized SEO experts in Europe.

- It’s Free to Register.

- Each Adpack costs just 25€ ($28) and has a return of 120%. When the Adpack expires it ends up producing 30€ ($ 33.72).

- Payments are made direct to your bank account from the company’s corporate bank account, there are NO payment processors (PayPal, Payza, PAYEER or similar) and therefore NO withdrawal fees for the first 4 withdrawals per month.

- Referral commissions are 11% for your direct referrals and 7% for your 2º level both for purchases and repurchases.

So, if this opportunity is of interest to you, you can register by clicking on the image below and then clicking on the button on the top right hand corner as the image indicates.

Earn Money Online - Advertising with Added Value

Once you register, in your backoffice you will find video tutorials explaining how to do the following:

1) Buy your Adpacks
2) Backoffice overview
3) How to activate your Adpacks
4) How to click your 10 ads daily

Please don’t hesitate in contacting me if you need any assistance.