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How To Dress Yourself Like A Social Media Diva?

The game of social media is to act as bridge and connect all the dots of the world under the same platform. To make this social media work for you, establish yourself as a social media influencer. How?

Well, if you a fashionista and wants to make a mark, then begin with your social media account and style yourself like a fashion influencer to make people follow you.

To become an influencer you need to have a proper balance style, elegance and poise. Everyday somebody struggle in the dilemma of what to wear and what not to?

How To Dress Yourself Like A Social Media Diva?

In this post, we have compiled some tips for making your each snap picture perfect and become an inspiration for others.

Let us have a look:

  • Keep it simple

Even if you wear latest bollywood salwar kameez or a casual kurti, the secret to look elegant is always in keeping the look extremely simple. You may have your favourite floral kurta with you but whenever, you are going for photoshoot for your profile, keep it away. You should pick solid and muted colours to grab the attention. Match your outfit that compliment your skin tone to avoid any kind of flaws in the picture.

  • Synchronized

Another way to look attractive is by keeping the outfit synchronized. Not necessarily you will have to stick to a colour but you can definitely work around colour palette. Colours like olive green, midnight blue, mustard yellow or saffron etc. These are some of the colours which prevent one part of the clothing to become too prominent and help in distribution exposure.

  • Minimum jewellery

Accessories can make or break your entire look . It may happen that you love wearing heavy junk jewellery to absolutely nothing, but it is important in real terms to create a normal balance. Choose a jewellery piece which can compliment your look.

  • Sleeves

There nothing in particular with sleeves, however, in terms of getting best look, the arms may look lean or broad sometime. One easiest way is wear three quarter sleeves which makes your photo look gorgeous.

  • Create a drama

Ethnic wear paired with some drama can always give a very elegant look. Ethnic wears looks extremely beautiful when it is flowy and dreamy. You can buy sarees online or some niche toe length ethnic kurtas with a twist of indo western to create that drama.

  • patterns

For a great photograph, generally it is good to avoid bold patterns and design. Bold pattern bring distraction and snatches the focus of the picture which is you. If you wear bold patterns then pair up the look with nude makeup, basic hairdo and no sense backdrop.

  • Black or white

Black and white, these are two colours which are the must have for every fashionista. Black is meant for dramatic look with bold statement while white is more subtle and pleasing. If you are confused about what to wear then these colour are your help.

These were some quick tips to influence your followers on social media platforms by establishing yourself as a fashion influencer.