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Lazy Gardening: Reduce lawn space

Lazy Gardening: Reduce lawn space

While lawn space requires regular care, it does not deliver the same joy as flowers or other plants. Reducing the size of that lawn space frees up effort and time for other forms of gardening. This may sound odd, but reducing lawn space (and the typical straight line and 90-degree corner boundaries) can create interesting nooks and crannies that will make your yard seem larger.

I've used areas of wood bark mulch atop layers of cardboard and newspaper, with metal garden edging as a border. The cardboard and newspaper layers keep weeds from sprouting amid the mulch. Those layers naturally disintegrate during the course of several years, but replacing them simply requires using materials that would otherwise end up in a recycling center. These mulched-covered areas were created during a four-year span.

Setting aside areas for tall decorative grasses, perennial flowers or shrubs serves the same purpose. I've done some of  that, too. 

If you're looking to get more enjoyment from your gardening activities without adding cost or effort, consider the benefits of reducing the lawn space.

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Lazy Gardening: Reduce lawn space

Richard Buse 11/11/2016 · #2

#1 @Sarah Elkins. What you're doing sounds great. I love gardening, but around seven hours ago, it started to feel like a part-time job or daily obligation, rather than a source of enjoyment. That led me to thinking about things I could do to reduce the costs and the amounts of time I was committing to it. if you want, I can send more photos to you. I've found Pinterest to be a good source for ideas, too.

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Sarah Elkins 11/11/2016 · #1

@Richard Buse, we've been working on decreasing our overall lawn over the years as well, it's nice to see some of these pictures for ideas. Our family has been building raised beds, significantly reducing our maintenance hours in the yard by planting perennials with drip irrigation, and extending our brick patio to put more rain collecting potted plants around its perimeter. I love our yard and it just keeps getting better!

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