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Lazy Gardening: Shop the off-season sales

Lazy Gardening: Shop the off-season sales

You visit a garden center some Saturday morning in the spring shortly after the last threat of frost has passed. Beautiful plants fill the racks and sales floor. Customers abound as well. There's a festive atmosphere, but no merchandise is discounted and there are long lines at the checkout lanes, too. 

The fall months are a great alternative if you're looking to save money and time while shopping for gardening items. Stores are eager to clear out shelf and floor space to make room for Christmas merchandise. Remaining gardening items get marked down for quick sales. The odds of having to wait behind a handful of fellow gardening enthusiasts at the checkout lane are low, too.

I'm gradually replacing most of my plastic flower pots with clay pots because they don't crack or lose their color as easily amid Texas summer heat. In the long run, I figure I'm saving time and money. The garden center at a nearby grocery store marks down its gardening pottery items every fall, so I'm picking up a few flower pots to store in the garage during the winter months. 

Think about what you want to put out year next year and see if it's available now.

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