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Reflections on being new at beBee

I've just signed up and run over a few 'sleeping policemen' (British English for speedbumps) so figured I'd share them just to mark the beginning of my online existence at beBee.

First up I added myself to Engineers and Technicians as part of my registration. Great way to get started. But then after registering my email address I sought various other hives to join up to. But the 'join' button does not work - I have tried this several times. What does eventually work though is from seeing posts authored by other bees on Engineers and Technicians, their hive affiliations show up as links and I have added myself successfully to one or two of their hives. Its not ideal but its a start.

Having seen a poster with an affiliation to the hive 'teachers' I joined that, after all I am a teacher. Then perusing the content of that hive I note an overwhelming preponderance of religious (Christian) content, much of which is being broadcast in BLOCK CAPITALS. I have no objection to Christian content (I used to be a Christian myself) but really I'd like to filter it out on the teachers board. So I click on the dots at the top of the post (the BLOCK CAPITALS seem to originate from one or perhaps two enthusiastic posters) to see if there's a 'hide' option. Nope, just 'report'. I haven't explored what clicking on 'report' will do but it seems a bit fierce to 'report' a post at this stage. I shall explore to see if there's a 'not relevant to this board' option though....

Moving on I explore the options of producing my own content. This in turn provides me with an error message in Spanish. Now I've never formally learned Spanish but I got the gist of the message being that I can't do any writing until I've posted up a picture of myself on my profile. Fine, so I do that but the interface was so slow that I'd fired off feedback that it didn't work before my picture eventually showed up so that I could crop it. In the process I also discovered that the 'Feedback' tab (orange, bottom right) does nothing, I used 'contact' at the bottom in the end. So now my picture is live and I'm able to write.

I click on 'publish' and now I'm getting an English language message that I must attach an image to my writing. So let me see.... I attach my image and am getting no feedback... I click on 'publish' again and still get the error message.. Ah eventually my image shows up at the point I'm typing so perhaps I'm good to go now? Nope not yet, I must select up to 3 hives to publish to. But really this writing isn't specially relevant to the ones I've joined so far so may I join another one which is more general? Do I need to save this as a draft first?Reflections on being new at beBee

Richard Dudley 16/10/2016 · #2

#1 Thanks for that Brian - not particularly relevant for me at square one where I have so few followers and the first one I got moved so quickly (before my profile was even complete I believe) perhaps he has a bot working for him?

Brian McKenzie 16/10/2016 · #1

Short buzzes can be pushed to your followers without hive designation, it has happened many times for me