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3 Great Ways to Get an Internship in the Music Industry

3 Great Ways to Get an Internship in the Music IndustryWhile snagging the right internship in the music industry has never been easy, there are ways that people can truly stand out in this highly-competitive field. It may take a bit of forethought and a positive attitude to find the position you want, but a truly stellar effort will always impress record labels, recording studios, and artist management companies. Here are just a few ways to get a great internship in the music industry, and why doing so can help you develop your dream career.

  • Create an Online Portfolio

Whether it’s a collection of your own songs or a selection of mixes done for other artists, a well-designed online portfolio can show people in the music industry that you’re serious about working in their field. Moreover, with a portfolio to reference, businesses like recording studios will be able to get a good sense of how you’ll fit with their workplace culture. If you can show your potential and demonstrate your passion, you’ll be sure to make a great impression on music industry professionals.

  • Speak Directly to Studios and Record Labels

To really connect with local studios or record labels, try stopping by their offices to drop off a resume and ask about internship opportunities. While it can be a great idea to email your CV to people in the music industry, there is something about face-to-face meetings that really sets applicants apart from the crowd. In a highly-competitive field like the music industry, that kind of initiative can give applicants a professional edge.

  • Maintain a Positive Attitude

For many people, finding work in the music industry can often feel like a grind. Rejection is rife in creative fields like music, and applicants should not feel discouraged if they meet with resistance when first seeking out an internship. It isn’t always easy to succeed in the music industry, but maintaining a positive attitude in the face of challenges can often mean the difference between developing a dream career and resenting your passion.

For these reasons, finding the right approach to a career in the music industry is a difficult but often rewarding path for those who are up to the challenge. By developing the right strategy for success in the music industry, you’ll stand a good chance of finding a position you love. And that is career-building at its best!

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