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How to Successfully Promote Your Music on Social Media

How to Successfully Promote Your Music on Social MediaIndependent musicians learn quickly that making music is often easier than promoting it. Luckily, technology has been kind to unsigned musicians this century, allowing them to deliver their music to the public on their own without a record label deal. Here are important points to keep in mind for promoting music on social media.

Follow Social Media Terms

Serious musicians who want to sell their music online should take a professional business approach, which means following social media terms of service carefully. Facebook, for example, does not allow users with personal accounts to promote their businesses. That means the musician should start a business account or a separate business page linked to a personal account, which will ensure the profile isn’t suspended for violating terms.

Provide Profile Details

Starting a social media profile with sufficient details such as links to the artist’s web pages and artist background information is crucial. The profile should be customized with as much information as possible to stimulate interest. The main profile picture is very important for attracting attention, so it should be high resolution. Links to music files on other sites such as SoundCloud and ReverbNation help drive fans toward listening.

Creatively Mix Up Posts

An artist should choose a few platforms to focus on and not worry about being on as many social media networks as possible. It’s important to consistently make posts on a regular basis in order to keep fans coming back. Mixing up content is important for holding people’s interest. A great way to diversify posts is using different media, such as song videos, podcasts and blog links. Not every post needs to be about artist news.

Engage with Fans

One of the best ways to keep fans coming back is to regularly engage with them in discussions about music as well as other interests. Answering people’s questions is essential for building a loyal fan base. It gives the musician a chance to share links that provide deeper content. It’s helpful to at least click “like” when fans praise the music.

Promote Web Properties

Every artist should have a website as their hub or at least some type of online presence that can be shared through social media. The website is where the artist has complete control of presentation. It’s also a directory of the artist’s musical career and how to keep up to date with shows.

Repurpose Content

One of the ways to get the most mileage out of web content, whether it’s music, videos or blogs, is to frequently repurpose the same content. That could mean telling different stories about the same song. The idea is to not just rely on one post for one song or video. The more one repurposes content, the more it will reach a wider audience.

Use Automation Tools

Social media integrates well with automation tools that allow the musician to schedule posts in the future. This strategy can save a lot of time and help keep a marketing plan in order. Key tools to experiment with include Tweetdeck, Sprout Social and Pagemodo. Using these tools for sharing content across multiple platforms helps avoid being flagged for spam. It also makes life easier for musicians when they are busy with recording, rehearsing or playing live gigs.

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