Richard Meadow in Personal Shopper Apr 18, 2018 · 1 min read · ~100

Loungewear Styles

There's no better feeling than being sat in the comfort of your own home with you loungewear on, but have you have felt slightly uncomfortable in your comfiest pyjamas when you have a guest round? It's always a good idea to have some loungewear that shows a relaxed vibe but still shows your style. Here's a look at some tips to look unintentional good, intentionally.


With mens loungewear, the key comes with the fit, tapered lounge joggers show thought has gone into the purchase and it offers definition to both your legs and the top you chose to wear. branding is another way to show your style, picking a luxury loungewear brand to were around the house usually means you get a premium fit and the material is usually better.


Loungewear with women can vary a lot, but looking at trends on the high street, it looks like miss-matched pyjamas are a top choice. A plain top with printed bottoms or vice versa is what most shops are currently selling, however, matching your loungewear looks better if you want to look good around the house. Women's loungewear can come down to the material, the thicker flannel styles might be comfier but they don't offer a defining style. 

Loungewear Styles

To play it safe, whether your looking for mens or womens loungewear, looking at known brands that thrive in the underwear and loungewear sector usually steers you in the right direction, and avoiding bright prints and heavy design also helps.