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Worthy Of You
If I could carve my name on your heart
Like your face is burned in my memory
If I could join contentment and hardship
Like you've wrapped your love around me
Maybe I would know what to say
Know what to feel
Know what to do
To be worthy of you
If I could make a difference somehow
Like you've colored my life with your wonder
If I could manage the circumstance that fights me
Like you hold back the rain when you shine
Maybe I would know when to breath
Know when to rest
Know when I grew
To be worthy of you
Love is a mystery
Spares no stranger or friend
It overwhelms and compels
Carries you to an unimagined place
And often leaves a stain that time cannot erase
If I could live a life so pure
Like you've often heard the sages tell
If I could linger in each moment
Like you'll always be a part of me
Maybe I'd believe in myself
Believe what I see
Believe it's all true
And be worthy of you

You always end up here
I had to borrow a promise to persuade you to smile
Then I pawned my own future just to hold you a while
I've seen you following the drifters
But you always end up here
I had to conquer indifference to convince you to give
Chase the taillights of demons to be near where you live
While your torn between two worlds
Seems you always end up here
Can't imagine you'd be waiting, even resting in you anger
While the hypocrites and lovers take their pleasure where they find it
I've declined the many favors of the well intentioned stranger
I'd prefer to bear your sadness and whatever's left behind it
I had to wander in silence to remember your face
A lifetime of successes couldn't hide your disgrace
I've seen you circling the heavens
But you always end up here

Love against the whole world
Time, an infinite scurrying state
Balanced on a thread you race ahead into your destined fate
A gallery stage for a spectacle play
Beginning and ending with each passing day
It's love against the whole world
What's it all about
Love against the whole world
Always having to do without
What else can it be
If it's love against the whole world
Then it gets down to you and me
Life, compete whithin lifestyles we choose
And hope to win but most will lose
The melody rose only to fade
A whisper of hope along the parade
Love's flowing beauty and dazzling dreams
Escape from so many, their day never seen
Will love stray completely from those who have none
Or will it bond us together until we are one
It's love against the whole world
Where does the conflict end
Love against the whole world
So often to begin again
Where can love's presence be
Has it disappeared from this world
Perhaps within your eyes I'll see

If I Knew It To Be True
If I knew it to be true, I would still need a witness
For I'm convinced that I'm losing my mind
I take in the sight of you, and I lose all resistance
For the brilliance of your beauty's made me blind
Then I remember where I am, how it was, what it came to
And I'm convinced all is not what it seems
I remember how you were and how your so damned elusive
Like a ghost that's been invading my dreams
Your stealing another chance, and I'm right up against it
Hoping that your changing your mind
I'm reeling from the dance, and your right up against me
Hoping that I'm changing my mind
And the hours slip away like a feather on the breeze
And I think it's safe to say, I'm as caught up as you please
I decide that what I feel doesn't hold up well to reason
But I'm convinced that I've nowhere to turn
To expose the spell I'm under would be tantamount to treason
In your light there's simply nothing left to learn
Then I remember where I am, how it was, what it came to
And I'm convinced it never happened at all
I remember how you are and how your so damned amazing
To be this high and yet not fearing the fall
Your stealing another chance, and I'm right up against it
Hoping that your changing your mind
I'm reeling from the dance, and your right up against me
Hoping that I'm changing my mind
And the hours slip away...

Cold Mountain
Love is a forgotten word in desperate times
We cling to nothing and wait for no-one
The best that we can manage is to stay alive
And keep our honor just a little longer
A thousand moments spent with you I made and lost
I barely held you those endless seconds
The road that lies before me does not bare the cost
And cannot measure the steps I've taken
Hope is somewhere out of reach among the dead
We stare beyond them to our reflection
A sudden burst surrounds me in a sea of red
Blood helps the flowers reach toward heaven
A thousands words and images are burned away
I barely saved them amidst the embers
I force myself against the final choice between
My failing duty and lost desire
Time exhales from dusk till dawn, and half of what I feel is gone
My choices haunt me, I just fled, the good I had I killed it dead
Forgiveness is a testament to all that fades
Beyond the borders and generations
If right could ever conquer would it too be saved
We're left to wonder who God's forsaken
A thousands kisses in one breath you give to me
As I have fallen toward endless slumber
With one last deed I've spared you from my fate it seems
To pass through winter and into summer

I do not own my heart
But I have no-one to blame when it wanders
I did not chose my name
And I'll have nothing to claim when it's gone
Even if the whole world flinches
Straining to relieve the pressure
Some approximation bares a striking resemblance to dawn
I cannot find my way
But I have nothing to lose at this moment
I do not think it's strange
That I'm not required to know or respond
Even if the whole thing hinges
On our vision of the future
Most would fail to find the flaws neatly nested in the chaos beyond
We have forgotten how light pierces the darkness and is consumed
Nor have we considered that life is a hollow vessel, filled and then poured out again
If gravity should win
And everything is pulled apart as it tumbles
All the information lost
And nothing remains when it's done
Even if we can't preserve life
Or find a way to save our memories
Some illusionary moment shared the only treasure we have won
Perhaps at the event horizon
Time dilated, we appear to freeze
We're smeared upon its rippling surface
Swirling vortex of a summer breeze
Are we neither alive nor dead but echos from another life
Our path enfolded so we only see
Fields and fluctuations, vibrations, discord, harmony

Have I
I have not come this way to see my own shadow
I have not ventured forth to abandon my faith
I have seen all there is in the heart of the the lowlands
And now wish to find my place in the stars
Beyond the forest and the fields
Fending off subdued alarms
And our preference to weep
A mere madness for the moment
For in truth I am a Prisoner
Along my trail you see the rabble
We are infected with a wanderlust
Our poor condition won't deter
Under your imagination
With your vistas and your influence
Myself so long inside the void
To suffer loss, it's own reward
I once loved the near forgotten
Who's caresses I preserved
She is soaring in your garden
And on occasion lends you words
Half world, odd light, secrets
Softly knowing
Half dreams, fragile, darkness
Gently glowing
Halfway, being, somewhere...

When distance is measured in tears
And loneliness blankets the years
I have only what I feel, in this moment
However fleeting or ignoble
How we busied ourselves with our lives
Til none who remember us survives
On the arm of a galaxy inconsequential
That dances in the dark for an eon
Can we watch as the mountains erode
And become shifting sands on the nebulous shore
All that nature could ever encode
Left to freeze in the darkness to dwell evermore
When lovers are drunk on the shore
And expect passersby to ignore
Such a brightly lit romance in the soft sand
However fleeting or regretful
When effort is focused and drained
To rise and dissolve, naught remained
Such a contrast to the patient universe
A billion billion stars blink in an eon
Can we catch all the granules of time
That spill into the landscape and fade
Once the energy's spent, we can't climb
No potential remains to prolong the charade

Let Light Be
Over and over without any measure, I don't count the time or the effort spent
Reason for reason and no one the wiser, I don't see the point or the difference
Only the faces of people, the people, reach out look in
Only the traces of quiet desperation each soul held within
Further and further from where it all started, the focus will shift to the latest craze
Letter for letter conveyed and imparted, insights and opinions become a maze
Only the far side, the exit, the exit, step out look in
Only the promise suspended beyond us and our web of sin
Older and older retracing the pattern, through dwindling orders descending curve
Season for season and none their own master, I don't see the truth in their empty words
Only the faces of people, the people, reach out look in
Only the darkness, complete and consuming, let light begin

The improbable possibility
Light is dancing with darkness
Pleasure is flirting with pain
Depth is really only seen from the heights
Love keeps tying the frayed edges together again
Faith is looking for reasons
Chance is predicting a change
Hate is only ever found by the lost
Temptation likes to move from the familiar to the strange
The fragile face of freedom turns to the biggest part of the sky
And releases the memories of youth who often dreamed he could fly
Death is circling life
While now is evading the past
Fear is always felt when we risk
Time keeps pushing the tempo till it seems too fast
Consciousness spills out of a hollow and makes the paths that we all follow
Like the branches of a tree the improbable possibility
Joy is comforting sadness
Fortune is following fame
Heart is really just forgetting to fail
Nowhere has location and Nothing is it's name
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