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Philosophical Observations 16

Philosophical Observations 16

We have now entered the age of frigonomics, when a critical mass says " screw it" we are finished.
It's really not all that difficult to notice the deception built into our reality. What is hard to figure out is whether we are somehow involved.
There may be a conceptual propagation of manifestations. In the spiritual realm, light creates and darkness copies because darkness only has access to the shadows.
It is impossible for men to look upon each other as equals, there is always tension because of ambition and desire. When a man does not know what drives him, he goes about painting the world with his own unique pallet of colors, convinced that the ones he has chosen are correct and it is everyone else that is wrong.
People forget that technology is a form of magic (I will let this sink in for a moment). There will be things in the future that are mundane to our progeny but to us are unimaginable. We are only beginning this journey of discovery. This idea that science is going to wipe away religion, little by little, error by error, is ridiculous. Science and religion contain an equal amount of error and the illusion of superiority has made it difficult to make any real progress in either discipline.
Peace is the highest achievement of men but it does not come from agreement or compromise. Peace is the final image, woven into the tapestry of meaning and value within our relationships. There should be a quality of harmonious integration of disparate ideals. The wisdom required to do this is beyond the scope of human comprehension.
There will always be islands of peace, each desperately trying to separate itself from the madness around it.
Is it a cruel joke to present such a great mystery and then not allow enough time to solve it? Maybe a better question would be, were we put here on earth to realize that the mystery is supposed to remain and it is our purpose to connect to the source. Only after we have done this will we be able to explain the miracle of our origin and the mystery of our destiny.
It is not possible to separate the person from the message.
People are motivated by necessity and convenience, and while someone may promise you that they will stand by their word, as soon as this becomes inconvenient, you may find their concern for you has diminished.
There are levels of now and every now is different. Moments have a thickness when we are living them and a thinness when we are unaware.
The dimensions of personality are a nested hierarchy, the intellect having the smallest influence, followed by the emotional dimension, all contained within the spirit.
In the pursuit of excellence you must build a foundation. Expose yourself to quality material. Study to show yourself approved.
If we are constructing our own illusions, we may not get to chose how real they seem.
When we speak of love in English it is often difficult to be precise. The Greeks have more than one word for love. Eros speaks of physical love which is the lowest form. Storge would be a higher form reaching well into the emotional dimension along with philia, and agape would be the highest form of this thing we call love, being a form that speaks of a pure, spiritual, "other centered" focus. The greatest profit life can create is somehow linked to this thing we call love and it is up to each of us to make a real effort to figure this thing out.
The power of a young woman is in her beauty and charm. The power of a woman in her later years is her social position and her ability to convince.
Brilliance requires a foundation of understanding, this does not exclude simplification, in fact, it may be necessary for clarity and application.
Congress has become a "design by committee" organization. Quite often a politician is a lawyer gone bad. If Trump is being an idiot, this doesn't make Hillery any smarter.
It is not truth that requires good timing it is disclosure, being a part of a larger plan. Framing the problems in the context of applicable solutions so that you do not look like a complainer, along with having the awareness to notice the problems in the first place.
No matter what you want to do, you still have to start where you are.
All souls are equal. One soul is not better than another because he values the good things. The path we chose will vary because of what we value but we are still all equal. Some people are driven, some people endure and some people just give up. This is the human condition. The world is what it is because of the human condition. If the power were within us to make our world a utopia, everything would already be different. Truth is the highest energy state of the system. The lawful regularities of our physical reality are emergent. The amount of light you have depends on your position in the computational geometry.
Reality is a nested hierarchy of relationships. We can only measure a thing in relationship to other things. Light does not experience time, only the system experiences time. The material world as we think of it, is made of information. This information is not stored in the material, it is stored in the relationships. The nested hierarchy of scale is an infinite series of relationships. It is the vanishing point, the squaring of the circle, irrational numbers, Cantor dust etc... We are constrained to the relationships in our frame of reference and when we try to move into these far distant domains, we always encounter a paradox. When we move to the largest scales, we encounter the miracle of "something from nothing" and when we move to the finest scales, we encounter "the mystery of the quantum domain."
Be ever watchful and pay close attention to the shadows, the edges are always in motion. Is this a trick of the eye, or maybe the imagination? Light does not look for the darkness and the darkness only begins at the shadows. Where it goes from there I cannot say. Probably some vast empty place, (from Lord of the Seventh Kingdom).

Larry Hook 12/11/2016 · #1

Only when we realize we are trapped between a political tomorrow that should be but may never come and a political yesterday we can't go back too because it never was, will the full aspect of the quandary be realized.