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Philosophical Observations 17

Philosophical Observations 17

Power has the unfortunate habit of concentrating.
Stupidity has the unfortunate habit of appearing when you least expect.
Intention is an echo of a previous intent.
The enemy of love is not hate it is apathy.
You are not required to do anything extraordinary, just do your job the best you can and don't worry about it too much. These words are fine for the mediocre but for those that live passionate lives, it feels like a cop out. It is a sign that the procedures are in need of some refinement and that clarification is needed as to just what the results should be.
When assessing the degree of danger from any source we must dig deeply because agendas are often so deep that they are difficult to spot. The greatest danger to the average American will probably be an organized system with resources so vast that it boggles the mind. There will be an incessant narrative of perceived danger in every direction except the organizers themselves, because they will paint themselves as the heroes. The consolidation of power requires stealth. The hidden hand is always moving the pieces.
The range of acceptable behaviors of the citizenry is being constrained by a small, elite class that are in the process of concentrating power. As the power increases, liberty fades.
The universe is made of information. There is an organizational principle or process at work in the cosmos. Information has energy and in terms of it's potential. Meaning, value and novelty play a role. Matter is the medium of expression and the energy is stated as mass times the speed of light squared. For information the value or the energy is measured as a truth value over all possible applications of expression. The higher the truth value the more it applies.
Those that live in the shadows have so deceived themselves that they will not recognize the truth when they see it.
The idea that knowledge is power must include the energy contained in truth over application, and novelty over value.
Novelty emerges from the foundation of understanding.
Isaac Newton advanced our understanding of physics but his concept of space/time was static or rigid. Einstein advanced our understanding a little further but his concept of scale was static or rigid. Probably, it will turn out that nothing is static and that the collective principle of organization takes advantage of processes on many levels and in ways that are for us, at this time, unimaginable.
Reciprocity is one of the most influential mechanisms in any culture.
All behaviors are constrained by the relationships in their frame of reference. In the end all we have are the relationship of measured things and incomplete descriptions.
Manipulating a system as complex as the global economy is just like the disaster of forest management in the western USA. There was a natural cycle of lightning strikes that would occasionally burn the undergrowth in the forest but forest management crews began putting out these small fires and now the undergrowth is so dense that if there is a fire, it will take out the whole forest.
It is important to remember that words are cheap, it is action that counts. It is action that gives ideas expression and it is action that proves the words. Experience and expression are two sides of the same coin.
The wealth of any community is in the integration of mutual benefits. The ability to generate good outcomes is strongly linked to the human condition and the drivers of positive change are in the freedom of the entrepreneurial spirit of the visionary. No committee can do this, compromise only dulls the vision. The power contained in some of these drivers will drive the health of the system in complex ways. Greed and corruption should be identified and discouraged whenever it is encountered. The entrepreneur should be supported by the system on as many levels as possible, this requires liberty. Our country has become a quagmire of rules and regulations that for the most part, does nothing to promote the visionary.
The dynamics of the quantum realm are causation without representation.
The internet is taking "wisdom of the crowd" to a whole new level.
Ignorance is, not learning from your mistakes. Intelligence is, the ability to navigate the fitness landscape. Wisdom is, the ability to maximize the health of the fitness landscape.
I suspect that I may be surrounded by people that are operating outside the normal range.
Consciousness relies on the integration of expectation and sensory input, to create a best guess or controlled hallucination.
Godel's incompleteness theorem is a statement about the absurdity of reason. If an axiom can be both true and false then, it lies quite literally outside the bounds of reason. Nature is lazy, it likes to copy, this is a fractal probability distribution.
Higher level thinking mode and political systems: The idea that communism is better than capitalism misses the point, in that communism only works well in very small communities and breaks down as the systems size increases. The idea that anarchy is a better system than a republic breaks down for the same reason.
Principles or laws that govern the affairs of men: Men are driven by intellectual pursuits to a lesser degree and by emotional factors to a greater degree. For the most part, there are no checks and balances in place to correct the turbulence or disruption to the system and when you factor in the spiritual component (belief systems and values, etc) things really get complicated. The result of all this chaos is that men begin killing each other and the main reasons are the lack of practical wisdom and no moral compass.
Politics is a ruthless, brutal, messy, business. Some men dream of "unity among men" but there is no consensus agreement. In raising our children, each culture imposes a particular set of beliefs and values that will always be in conflict with some other culture and when a leader decides that brute force is required to impose an ideology upon an opposing group, brute force will be used.
How we frame information is very important, for example, if I respond with "look mister, I don't have a problem with you, I don't consider you a problem, I consider you an idiot" then, I should expect a negative outcome, as opposed to leaving out the last part.
There is darkness descending on the landscape, dark, because of a lack of understanding and a narrowing of choices. If we are to preserve life and a future then, drastic measures must be taken. The environment will not long sustain the folly of men and if man is to continue, then he must revert back into the ecosystem as a partner and not as conqueror.
Appetite is the beast in man, compassion is his spirit.
The will of the people is entrusted to the leaders who by consent preserve goodwill and the common good.
Justice and mercy are a balance between the opposing forces of debt and redemption.
The corruption of the material world (our flesh) is a debt of entropy but if we are redeemed the incorruption is immortality.
Love is my philosophy, compassion is my journey and peace is my destination.
The Euthyphro problem and possible solution; logic has a fractal quality to it. Truth is the highest energy state of the system. The lawful regularities of our physical reality are emergent. Truth is branching out into the nothingness as possibilities. Truth has the most potential and chaos has the most variation. We are in the gray region between truth and chaos. All behavior is constrained by the relationships in their reference frame. All we have are the relationship of measured things and incomplete descriptions.
Robots have a programmable culture and are extremely authentic.
Everything in the universe is spinning. There are no points in space/time and the exact center of a black hole has negative gravity and compressed time because of cancellation and angular momentum. Think in terms of compressing a year into a second (clock slows down). Points are theoretical objects with no dimension. The singularity is really a disk shaped object.
Having a fair and equal chance at your slice of the pie. Community organizers see themselves as crusaders for the less fortunate and focus their efforts on leveling the playing field. I am reminded first of all that life isn't fair, this has always been true and those with the talent and position to do the most for the poor are often the least likely to help. Secondly, what do we really know about human behavior? I would argue that a focus on the dynamics of the health of the system would be a good start. Provide opportunities and don't make the poor too comfortable in their poverty.
Many people do not want to own their responsibility, they would rather push it off onto someone else. Their are an uncountable number of people that I have tried to help over my lifetime in many different ways and I have found that people don't appreciate the things they have not earned nearly as much as they would if they were invested in the process of their own prosperity. So when we look at ways of helping others it becomes very important to make them partners in their own success.
Peace is a systemic organization of harmonious integration of the disparate ideals of men. There is no common definition of the common good. Often those who would control the definitions have a selfish agenda and so, due diligence is required in understanding our role in shaping the future.
Compassion begets fellowship.
Give till it hurts or giving is living, I prefer the latter.
Why anything with mass can't move at the speed of light. Mass bends the space/time around it and the faster it moves the more it bends space/time, at the speed of light this bending reaches the theoretical limits.
So why is every electron exactly the same? Richard Feynman thought maybe there was only one electron but it is possible that the electron is a precise relationship of something more fundamental.
The consolidation of power will be our undoing. In any society concentrations of power should be avoided at all cost. This includes the financial sector, the political sector and especially religion. Power corrupts. We need to move towards a broad based self organizing free market economy. We need to get back to the rule of law. We need to stop forcing people to accept our particular version of ideology. In self organizing systems if an ideology is wrong, it will burn itself out.
I would like to give an example of the futility of spiritual achievement from a works perspective. Let's say we have two men, a spiritual giant and a spiritual midget. Both of them try to reach for the moon. The giant has the advantage however, the difference is so small compared to the distance to the moon that it is essentially negligible. No man centered method of achieving spirituality will prosper. Spirituality is a relationship not an achievement.
All of the scheming and manipulation of a powerful few to bring about some agenda to serve there own ends will be reconfigured by the Creator for good.
I am standing in the kitchen of the most posh restaurant you can imagine and I hear a skirmish outside. Two men are fighting over a scrap of food from the garbage can. The owner of the restaurant says to me, "invite them in, I will feed them." So I go outside and say, "hey guys, great news, don't waist your time with that rotting food, you've been invited to a great banquet," and they get mad at me. "We don't believe you," they say. "Why would I lie about a thing like that," I reply, "all you have to do is walk through the door and you will see for yourself." They just curse me and continue fighting.

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