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Philosophical Observations 18

Philosophical Observations 18

You might think your intellect is the best thing you have going for you but this is incorrect. Persistence and determination are a part of your emotional state. Your interpersonal skills, emotional state. Your core values are a part of your spiritual state. Your commitment to the well being of the system to which you are a part, spiritual state.
Most men do not realize that they are moving to the beat of a distant drum. They are driven by desires they do not understand, and so, dig pits for one another. It is interesting to note, just how many, end up in their own pit.
If I could persuade men of anything, it would be compassion. Be aware of the deceptive nature of desire and do not let it rule you. Remember who you are and show compassion in all your affairs.
In every area of politics, the goal is control.
The idea that social engineers understand the human condition is fatally flawed and their conclusions will only result in a further deterioration of the social fabric (blow back, etc...). The more incompetent you are the less you realize it. We are talking about a system that is so complex that it makes weather systems look simple. We cannot predict what the weather will be in thirty days, we can only give a range of behaviors. It is even more difficult with social systems. Especially if you ignore the spiritual component.
The greater good and the common good are two entirely different things. The greater good is an untenable ideology and the common good says that all men have unalienable rights endowed by their creator, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This includes all men.
The greater good has been defined as "the ends justify the means."
The common good says that "liberty resides in the means."
The age of cheap oil is ending. When it takes a barrel of oil in order to pull a barrel of oil out of the ground, the age of oil will end. In the mean time, we will have to begin finding a balance with nature so that we use the resources in a sustainable manner. Exactly how large a population we will be able to sustain with this strategy of energy production is unknown but I will bet that the elite are thinking about this. As power is concentrated, I think the idea of population control is certainly on the table.
All material expressions, no matter the source, require material. The information is not stored in the material, it is stored in the relationships. When God communicates with men, he uses material. If there are demons, they will also use material, albeit in a less sophisticated manner. The main criteria for consideration would be consistency in the message. Any evidence of deception should be a warning.
To be honored for service is good, to be honored for power is strange. If you think power is a good thing then, it is certain that you don't understand power. First of all power and control are an illusion, what we have are degrees of freedom. Secondly, power is the prerequisite for service, and carries with it, a fiduciary responsibility.
This place where we find ourselves, is looking less and less like a society and more and more like some crazy, grand, experiment. The number of unprecedented situations has become uncountable. Nobody knows where we will end up.
The holomovement and process; the undivided whole is differentiated by perception, this creates a disturbance in the field. The disturbance is information but it is different, new or novel because of imprecise perception and intention. Perceptions are always a best guess or controlled hallucination. From this information, intention is formed in the form of an echo from a previous intent but again this is an approximation to some degree of resolution. Expression and experience move together in and out of these nested hierarchies, creating new or novel information. The geometry involved is a novelty or imagination engine.
The universe is a pencil standing on it's tip and if time does not flow the pencil will remain like this forever. This is the highest energy state for the pencil. When the pencil falls, it picks a direction randomly however, what is the relationship of one direction over another, the relationships only begin as the pencil starts falling. The movement could be called the holomovement of David Bohm, and when the pencil has completely stopped moving, the universe has entered a heat death.
Quantum uncertainty is always creating novel relationships to some degree of resolution. This is the dance of expression/experience. Self referential noise is the fiddler.
Truth is precise associations without fluctuation, but everything is fluctuating and so, we only see truth values. The degree of precision is important in that it gives us the applicability of any truth value.
Everything that comes into your five senses is an approximation of reality and its applicability is a measure of it's truth value. Applicability is a material expression of process.
Success can be thought of as the applicability of value in state space and opportunity as a probability wave moving in the right direction.
The evaporation of black holes "Hawking radiation" reminds me of a random walk in state space.
The explanatory power of math isn't always precise because of applicability. If it doesn't apply, it isn't true.
The currency of the spiritual world is understanding or light. We live in the shadows of perception. Innocence is unfiltered perception.
I have a set of possibilities before me, my perception of these possibilities is imprecise. I make a choice, my intention causes a course of action in the material world. This creates an expression that I experience, generating another set of imprecise possibilities. This continues ad infinitum.
Penrose tiling; The plane we are tiling is not only extended into the third dimension it is also dynamic (fourth dimension), and if it is fractal, the dimensions continue into state space.

Drink deeply from the well of experience let it carry you to the wondrous heights

Now you see the depths in all of their awesome expression

Become the movement, the movement is life

For this now, you are alive

Live, again I say live




In an honor culture, the incessant antagonistic bantering is part of a power dynamic designed to control or enforce the distribution of influence in a particular group. Having good EQ helps navigate the drama associated with this turbulent dynamic.
The liberty of one's conscience is the right of every man and to remove this liberty by force or coercion is a crime against all of humanity.
Be certain of this one fact, there are desires that drive men to foolish behavior. Men must first of all be masters of their own person before they can earn the right to govern others.
When we are so disposed to opinion as to become contrary to reason, we have entered into the realm of emotion. In this place the intellect is helpless against the ravages of passion, only the spirit has the power to restore reason.
The problem with socialism is, eventually you will run out of other peoples money. Socialism will fail for the same reason that communism failed, because it makes no distinction between those who cannot do for themselves and those who will not do for themselves.
Our focus from this moment forward must be on the health of the system as a whole. This dynamic, interactive system has many components that we are just beginning to understand. As our understanding increases we should be able to predict a range of possible behaviors, depending on what we change. The goal is not control, it is understanding.
If a man runs foolishly down the road to destruction, if he lies in wait to destroy the life of another, if he believes he is clever enough to escape his own fate and I do nothing to warn him or stop him then, I am not being loving. Apathy is the enemy of love.
With the measurement problem, when we have the particles location, we are in a sense stopping time but the electron is part of the holomovement and so a slice of time yields a partial or incomplete picture of the holomovement. If we think of a holographic plate, the electron is everywhere on the plate and it is our particular vantage point when viewing the plate that gives it location. Perception creates a differentiation. Reality is constructed by emergent phenomena. Think of the holographic plate as a dynamic system rather than a static plate. The plate is one slice of time, as a system the structure is nothing like a plate, it is more like sound waves moving as spherical ripples in time. There must be some form of a container with everything inside of the container affecting everything else to some degree.
Information and awareness in a system; the system as a whole has a complete awareness of itself. Perception creates differentiation, the differentiation divides the awareness, this process is, in a sense, a division of consciousness. The meaning contained in the system is moving from the highest state of application, through nested hierarchies of meaning and association into a realm of imagination where all things are possible but less and less meaningful.
The singularity is a point, but a point is a theoretical object. When a photon interacts with a photographic plate, the location of the photon is a combination of it's wave amplitude and the position of the plate creating an artificial slice of time. This illusion of location is no different then the illusion of complete information about the photon. This photon may have come from a star a billion light years away but it is everywhere. The interference pattern from the two slit experiment shows bright bands and dark bands, and it is the dark bands that are the most interesting, because the dark bands are not empty, that would be like saying that the trough of the wave does not exist.
The mathematician is trained to see the world a certain way and so he can become very myopic. The scope of vision required to see the world as a dynamic integrated whole might be more along the lines of a poets perspective. Perception creates differentiation and it is the act of perceiving that narrows or broadens the scope. An imagination engine cycle would look something like, perception, intent, action, expression. So maybe you could call it a four stroke engine. Intention is an echo of a previous intent.
There are always possibilities because love always finds a way.
We live at the edges of a shadow. The edges are always moving. It is the gray region, the Goldilocks zone.
The brain maps motor control in the same manner that the universe itself maps the material in it. A particular movement will have a location of highest probability/density in a region of the cortex and yet the ability is also present as a distribution in the surrounding cortex although not as precise.
The earth as an ecosystem is the commonwealth not just of man but of every creature.

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Dare to live. You got life for free, at the time you were born. Indeed, everything is so simple.

Enjoy the gift. Do not suffer it.

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Great insight@Rick Delmonico! enjoyed read. thank you very much for the share.

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