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Philosophical Observations 19

Philosophical Observations 19

Instead of trying to be perfect, give your flaws a little style.
The intellect is the servant of emotion which is the servant of spirit.
It is amazing to me that the atheist refuses to admit that we have already encountered a miracle (something from nothing). If there can be one miracle, there can be another.
The value of uncertainty is novelty.
Deception is an ever present, pervasive influence on the social fabric, generating illusions and expressions that mystify and bewilder. Most do not understand what they are looking at or simply ignore the ramifications, that we are somehow involved in our own deception.
There can be no magic without the magician, these material expressions are the result of intent, which is an echo of a previous intent.
Robots have a limited range of behaviors. They are very accurate, very fast, and very stupid.
We need to consider the nature of information. Things like meaning and relationships, along with any value or application within a context. Also the material world might be all there is or it might be an expression of something more fundamental. Immortality would require precise relationships, any variation would need to be constrained by a perfect law that retains the form or relationships so that randomness is never allowed to reign. I think the energy comes from the difference between randomness and precise relationships in some way so we would need a different engine.
At the end of the day, all we have are the relationship of measured things and incomplete descriptions. Science is divided into the empirical and the forensic, and as it turns out both are limited to some degree of resolution.
How can action occur on a hologram? The hologram stores information that is updated by behavior. It is the behavior that has location. The information about a particular particle is stored everywhere. When a behavior occurs the information is updated everywhere.
If we think of God in terms of a legal system, and the Bible as a legal document, we can explain evil. Satan is the god of this world, he stole it (tricked by deception) from Adam and Eve. Jesus purchased it back but it is still in escrow. The reality we perceive has deception built into it. The structure of reality is a fractal probability distribution. This is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Men always try to take a man centered approach to religion. Spirituality is not an achievement it is a relationship.
If all of the information stored in the universe is stored as relationships then, meaning becomes an essential component and truth is relational. If it doesn't apply it isn't true. When the philosopher makes a statement that can be both true and false, he should realize that the statement has no application. He is not being clever, nor is he being wise. A pointless pursuit is always pointless. Thus we should simplify for clarity and application. Simpler is almost always closer to truth. Additional note; we are talking about a hologram with a fractal probability distribution so, even logic (fuzzy) has a fractal quality to it. Explanations can be in the form of nested hierarchies. In the end, all we have are the relationship of measured things and incomplete descriptions.
Things that have holographic properties: The Bible, your brain, and the universe itself.
The feminine essence of being is intimate disclosure. The masculine essence of being is shared experience. These exist on a continuum within each person and they are always in flux.
A person is always a composite creature, depending on what he is connected to.
The purpose of the universe may be to harvest the meaningful information that lies in the region between simple truth and chaotic, meaningless gibberish. I think this information has more to do with action than thought.
Right action is measured in the heart of every man. The skill in determining right action will vary from man to man. The consequences ripple through history, sometimes in a smooth, calm fashion and sometimes as a tumultuous storm.
A very subtle, imperceptible, alteration of the roulette wheel will yield, over time, a fortune for the house.
The price of liberty and the value of liberty are two entirely different things.
The greatest stupidity in man is not his arrogance or ignorance, it is failing to realize who he is (lack of awareness).
The thing I fear the most, the thing that is capable of the most damage is, unrestrained stupidity.
If it has universal appeal, stupid is involved.
A perfectly symmetrical input of sensory data would essentially be random noise with no differentiation from any of your senses. So, we could say that perception creates a differentiation and all sufficiently complex events are statistically impossible, they are all one time events. In assuming this, we must add the degrees of precision the brain will use to process the data. Next the brain will add expectation values to the data to create a best guess and viola, you have cognition.
Since all sufficiently complex events are statistically impossible, does cognition round off the statistical impossibility of a complex event? If we are in a simulation, there might be processing limitations involved.
The symmetry of the potential of the boundary condition of time has a fractal quality such that the froward direction of time does not mirror the reverse direction of time. This difference gives a behavior that we think of as acceleration or gravity. The symmetry of the potential of the boundary condition of time varies with scale and resolution. So we should expect these behaviors to follow a power scaling law in some manner. These behaviors are constrained by the relationships in their reference frame so, the difference between froward time and reverse time varies with the reference frame. We can say that a behavior has location but we cannot say exactly what an electron or a photon is, other than the fact that it has a very precise relationship in some form of a network. In theoretical physics, T-symmetry is the theoretical symmetry of physical laws under a time reversal transformation. If the universe has a fractal geometry then, there is no perfect symmetry in regards to time because of extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. If we think of "now" as a mirror, the more difference there is between the past and the future, the more entropy, which may be intimately linked to both gravity and the speed at which time flows, along with at least one dimension of space (the direction of travel).
Power eats into the political system like termites. The tree looks fine however, slowly but surely it becomes weak until, one day the tree falls suddenly without warning.
Scale is the new up.
The human race is a collection of memories about the shared experiences of each one of us as a network of associations branching back all the way through history. These memories are very much like a great symphony with it's triumphs and tragedies. If the great composer had chosen a different method to compose his symphony, we would have ended up with a different symphony.
Do not be so naive as to think this is just another stupid VIDEO, and should be ignored. I tell you, ignorance is the problem. Awareness does not come easily, you have to work at it. This is serious business. Most people have no idea that there awareness is filtered. Over the years your mind has built up layers of filters so that you see the world in a particular way. This is the exact opposite of innocence.
Always and inevitably some part of the world is asleep, should all of us, in one moment, become awakened, it would be too much for the world to bear. These dreams have a purpose, a mission, an influence in the intentional field of implicate order, and must somehow be painting the world in a more vivid hue.
When desire sleeps it is but a subtle influence, when desire awakens, it drives the world and everything in it in ways that are too sublime and terrible to imagine.
One does not resist the scrutiny of an all powerful dictator, one must bend and hope that life gives, at least from time to time, a certain measure of justice and whenever possible, mercy as well.
Mostly, anything intangible is profoundly absurd. Our perception becomes increasingly filtered over time, this is the opposite of innocence. Our only chance at discovery is to nurture imagination. Reason is the servant of all of the higher levels of awareness. No aha moment is ever the product of pure reason.
Nothing can harm you, you have nothing to worry about, nothing will happen. Sounds good, yes? This thing we call nothing is the outer darkness of the great beyond, and is in a sense nonsense.

If you want to do a thing well,

do it,

do it again,

do it again and again.

It is the doing that gives our lives meaning.

Death and thorns began together.
The dead part of you (skin) is protecting the rest of you.
Adolescence is that period of time when your brain is frantically building up layers of filters in order to try and make sense of the world around you.
Is free association linked to deception, none can say.
An instant is a theoretical object, nothing happens in an instant.
If an infinity were frozen in time, what would it look like?

As a child, I did not know how to love in the romantic sense, I was fascinated with girls in an innocent sort of way and spent a lot of time with them. As I matured something was lost and I became aware of these very strange rules of conduct and social norms and it became harder to connect in a meaningful way, paradise lost. Love is a dance of meaningful expression and we cannot impose too many rigid rules on each other without losing some of the meaning. Isn't it enough just to be? Today, I am married to a beautiful woman, and she is a complete mystery.

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