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Philosophical Observations 20

Philosophical Observations 20

Question everything!
You are the gift, you live in that space between the giver and the receiver. You were sent into the world to make the world a better place. Remember who you are, and live your purpose.
Loving connections are intimately associated with belief. The more connected we are, the more we believe in each other.
The child within you is part of a nested hierarchy, in a sense, this child still lives, if this child has been wounded, then by now, the wound is very deep. Healing begins with understanding, no understanding, no life. Maybe you have learned to ignore, and this might be a good filter for some things but it is a temporary solution. Have you become so serious that the child within you never sees the light of day? Make time for play, imagination, exploration, friendship, laughter, discovery, silliness, wonder.
We are, in a very real sense, in the wilderness, and so, I think it is terribly important that we not spend too much time moving in the wrong direction.
You will meet people who's behavior is so bizarre that you cannot trust them. If they have shown you who they are, believe them.

What do we really know?

Existence is some form of phenomena.

There is something rather than nothing.

Behaviors are repeatable to some degree of resolution.

Everything is moving and the relationships are always changing.

There is a principle of organization involved but over time everything tends to disorder.

Many of the things that grownups have chosen to ignore, the child understands deeply.
Along our path lingers a scent, it is the leftover expressions imparted to the world by your passing. Some people leave a sweet fragrance and others a foul stench.
You are responsible for the odor you leave in your wake.
Death can only win if he is able to deceive you into thinking that he is all powerful. There are things that are more powerful than death, one of them being love.
Governments mistakenly believe that they must regulate every disruption to the system, not realizing that for the most part, they are the cause of the disruptions.
"Now" is a mirror precisely positioned between the past and the future and it is reflecting in both directions. The surface of this mirror has imperfections and so the reflections cannot faithfully match either the past or the future, there is always a slight variation. The randomness imposed by the imperfections has a fractal quality with extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. It is not the mirror that is moving, it is the imperfections.
In an infinite probability space, does mixing metaphors matter?
The system is fragile because of human nature itself.
A concept will last only as long as someone is available and willing to understand it.
Dreams have substance but this substance is different than the substance of the material realm.
Your belief systems create connections and it is these connections that are in play when your use your intuition.
The more precisely we can divide time, the more precisely we can measure distance. This is true for surveying and navigation.
The fractal mirror of time is a kaleidoscope, the jewel at the heart of physics. What the precisions are I cannot say. Perhaps it is ratios.
A rock does not need information to tell it how to be a rock. That is not how information works. The information is stored in the relationships that make up the rock. If the relationships were different, the rock would be different. We can rearrange the relationships of many things at many levels. If we scramble the relationships, what happens to the information? Sheldrake would suggest that new relationships, something the universe has never seen before, are resisted by some form of energy (morphic field) but as the arrangement becomes more common, at some point it becomes easier to produce.
Everything is fields.
If we are in a simulation, it is pointless to talk about the arrangement of the pixels on the screen.
The distinction between the physicist and the philosopher is becoming blurred.
Let's assume that the universe is balancing Hawking radiation against gravity and that there is an equal chance that all particles in the universe will end up in a single combined black hole or all of the black holes will evaporate. What is happening to the information in each case?
Fractal topology and the differentiation of meaning perception and expectations.
To homogenize culture would be a crime against humanity. We are different for a reason. Desertification of culture.
The particle/wave duality has something to do with the nature of time. Time is intimately linked to information, you cannot separate them. Information moving in time always contains meaning. This meaning has a truth value. There is a dynamic nature to these truth values with application and material expressions. Experience relies on these expressions, it is the perception or division of the expression that creates the experience. How much we are able to understand varies from experience to experience. In the quantum world these expressions have a probability. A fractal probability distribution.
The holographic theory says that we are in two places at once. One of these places is a projection and it is essentially nowhere and the other one is the hologram which is essentially everywhere (you are smeared across the entire surface), so you could say that you are in that space between nowhere and everywhere.
On a hologram, scale would be irrelevant, what would matter are things like the relationship of frequencies, patterns of interference and non-interference etc... How could fields be generated on a hologram? A hologram stores information this information is relational, the relationships describe the field, these fields are dynamic so, does the surface of the hologram have extension into another dimension in space or in time? If this surface is dancing the fiddler is self referential noise.
Truth is not inside of time, time is inside of truth. Truth is not inside of process, process is inside of truth. In terms of information, truth appears to be the most fundamental thing. Truth has the most symmetry, it looks the same from every angle, at every scale and no-one can prove this statement is incorrect.

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