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Philosophical Observations 20

Philosophical Observations 20

Question everything!
You are the gift, you live in that space between the giver and the receiver. You were sent into the world to make the world a better place. Remember who you are, and live your purpose.
Loving connections are intimately associated with belief. The more connected we are, the more we believe in each other.
The child within you is part of a nested hierarchy, in a sense, this child still lives, if this child has been wounded, then by now, the wound is very deep. Healing begins with understanding, no understanding, no life. Maybe you have learned to ignore, and this might be a good filter for some things but it is a temporary solution. Have you become so serious that the child within you never sees the light of day? Make time for play, imagination, exploration, friendship, laughter, discovery, silliness, wonder.
We are, in a very real sense, in the wilderness, and so, I think it is terribly important that we not spend too much time moving in the wrong direction.
You will meet people who's behavior is so bizarre that you cannot trust them. If they have shown you who they are, believe them.

What do we really know?

Existence is some form of phenomena.

There is something rather than nothing.

Behaviors are repeatable to some degree of resolution.

Everything is moving and the relationships are always changing.

There is a principle of organization involved but over time everything tends to disorder.

Many of the things that grownups have chosen to ignore, the child understands deeply.
Along our path lingers a scent, it is the leftover expressions imparted to the world by your passing. Some people leave a sweet fragrance and others a foul stench.
You are responsible for the odor you leave in your wake.
Death can only win if he is able to deceive you into thinking that