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Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

Take it from me...

"Rent a vehicle before you purchase. In my lifetime, I have owned 27 vehicles. Some I loved, some I should have hauled away".
Rick Paschall

Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

As I am evaluating the purchase of a new vehicle, I elected to rent, before I sink $30-40K in a new ride. The reasoning may surprise you.

"We all remember the 2008 economic melt down. I suggest it never ended. In fact, I suggest vehicles have not been the same since."

Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

Realize that in addition to owning 27 cars, I have also sold cars. It is absolutely impossible to evaluate a vehicle from a 20 minute "test" drive. In fact, it is difficult to decide whether a vehicle fits your lifestyle given weeks to drive it. Thus, I chose to rent vehicles from Enterprise, prior to purchase.

Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

This months vehicle was the Ford F150. Now, it's a fun ride, but, here are a few short comings in my opinion:

Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

•First, the high center of gravity makes it feel "tipsy".

•The "Bluetooth" connection / controller is a source of failure, per a local service advisor, at my local Ford dealership.

•Next, the color display radio is not a touch screen and very small.

•The MPG? Well, it is a 4x4, with a V-8, so maybe it's ok. 18 is what I averaged.

•Finally the gauges are soooooo "Old School". Gosh, I am old and they look old to me!

So do yourself a favor and rent before you buy. You'll be happy you did. Oh, if you choose to rent, I recommend a monthly rental at Enterprise Rent a Car. http://www.enterprise.com

Thanks for the read!

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Brian McKenzie 5/7/2016 · #1

The next one I own will be someting I cobble together in Mad Max memes. The motorcycle industry never came back after the crash either. At least not for American markets. And the next housing tumble is on deck, as they never quit doing toxic asset bundling.

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