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Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

Take it from me...

"Rent a vehicle before you purchase. In my lifetime, I have owned 27 vehicles. Some I loved, some I should have hauled away".
Rick Paschall

Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

As I am evaluating the purchase of a new vehicle, I elected to rent, before I sink $30-40K in a new ride. The reasoning may surprise you.

"We all remember the 2008 economic melt down. I suggest it never ended. In fact, I suggest vehicles have not been the same since."

Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

Realize that in addition to owning 27 cars, I have also sold cars. It is absolutely impossible to evaluate a vehicle from a 20 minute "test" drive. In fact, it is difficult to decide whether a vehicle fits your lifestyle given weeks to drive it. Thus, I chose to rent vehicles from Enterprise, prior to purchase.

Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

This months vehicle was the Ford F150. Now, it's a fun ride, but, here are a few short comings in my opinion:

Sinking $30K - $50K in a ride?

•First, the high center of gravity makes it feel "tipsy".

•The "Bluetooth" connection / controller is a source of failure, per a local service advisor, at my local Ford dealership.

•Next, the color display radio is not a touch screen and very small.

•The MPG? Well, it is a 4x4, with a V-8, so maybe it's ok. 18 is what I averaged.

•Finally the gauges are soooooo "Old School". Gosh, I am old and they look old to me!

So do yourself a favor and rent before you buy. You'll be happy you did. Oh, if you choose to rent, I recommend a monthly rental at Enterprise Rent a Car. http://www.enterprise.com

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