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Fleet Tracking App Solution: Its Importance In Transportation Industry

Fleet Tracking App Solution: Its Importance In Transportation Industry

Undoubtedly, transportation plays a major role in worldwide logistics and supply chain management, facilitating the overall economic growth. In the last couple of years, this industry has gone through some major technological shifts. From an innovative logistics management system to data analytics, IoT to cloud computing, Augmented Reality to enterprise mobility solutions, technology is being utilized in many ways to make the transportation and logistics business seamless, accurate and fast. More and more service providers are now depending on these innovations to optimize space utilization in warehouses, autonomous vehicles, etc. with total control on wastage and limitation in fuel cost.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss one such technology-driven solution – a fleet tracking system. This is widely used to improve operational efficiency in the transportation and logistics business. This system is available in a smartphone app which has made the whole process of using it more hassle-free. 

Before starting the discussion on how the fleet tracking app solution works and how you can take maximum benefits from this technology, let’s have a look at what it actually is.

What is Fleet Tracking Technology?

  • Fleet or vehicle tracking is powered by GPS technology. The main aim of using this technology is to track a vehicle’s location with the help of a software interface that can display vehicle information. Basically, it helps in the fleet management process. 
  • To collect vehicle information, a fleet tracking device is installed in the vehicle that needs to be tracked. The device captures various information related to the vehicle, such as fuel consumption, engine status, etc. and matches the information with the location. 
  • Location information is mostly generated by GPS technology. However, there are some other technologies as well, such as GLObal NAvigation Satellite System (GLONASS), etc.,  used for tracking and gathering location information.
  • The information that a tracking system collects is later passed on a software interface of a computer program or cloud computing system.  This information can be accessed through a vehicle tracking app as well. Through such an app the fleet owners can get alerts about particular positions and activities of vehicles.
  • Is Fleet Tracking System Accessible to Business of All Sizes?
  • Is the fleet tracking solution used only by logistics and transport companies? Actually, it is not. Companies from different sectors and of various sizes that use vehicles for their operations can use a fleet tracking system. From cleaning to construction, manufacturing to waste management – various industries are now enjoying the benefits that a fleet tracking system provides. All the industries can minimize operating costs and increase efficiency with the help of this vehicle tracking app. Some can even protect their goods from theft. In short, there is no definite size of a company that can use the fleet tracking system. 

    Basically, companies start using this system because they have one or more of the below-mentioned requirements:

    • They want to reduce their operating expenses
    • They want to keep tabs on their vehicles
    • They want to make their work paperless by automating vehicle management process and depending  on a digital system
    • They want to be acquiescent, spend less time and minimize investment on resources for fleet and product management.

    After understanding the wide accessibility of the fleet tracking system, you must be intrigued to embrace it for your business. But, before making the final decision, you need to know about laws from different parts of the world on the usage and application of fleet tracking technology.

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