YouTube - Complete 4,000 hour watch time 100% working

Hello guys in this quick article I will show you how to complete your 4000 hour watch time in 12 month. Just like we know about new YouTube policy now all YouTuber must have 4000 hour watch time and minimum 1000 YouTube Subscribers to start monetization on your video. So I am going to teach you about this amazing website so read this full article to know about it.

YouTube - Complete 4,000  hour watch time 100% working

How to complete 4000 hour watch time?

This is not so hard to complete 4000 watch time just you need to know the right way to do that. I am spend lots of time on web to find this website I am sharing it with you. This website name is YTbooster you can find this website link in end of this article.

How it’s work?

So using of this website is easy you just need to visit this YouTube viral video making website and register yourself on this website after you register you can add your video link you need points to add your link to get views on it. You will get 100 register bonus point to try this service you can easily earn more points while watching others users video. Just like you watch other user’s video to earn point same as other will watch your video to earn point. So there is no bots no illegal activity’s so it is the safest and fastest way to get more and more views on YouTube videos.

Same as you can get YouTube Subscribers on your YouTube channel to complete 1000 subscribers quickly. When you add your link on this website your points will cut. So this is the best way to viral YouTube videos and complete 4000 hour watch time in 12 month quickly.

Safety and other information

So when we talk about safety, first we know the risks, so there is no if you use any bot software or try to get views by proxy server your channel will be banned sure. But while using YTbooster website there is no security risk at all because the views come from real users not from bots or proxy. YouTube allow this type of views and using this video viral website your video will be rank high on YouTube search engine.

Most important thot is if your views count not start increasing don’t be panic because this is the YouTube policy. YouTube take 24 to 72 hour to show websites views on your video and when this views start showing on your video that’s means this views are real and safe because YouTube check each view by automatic system to verify views are come from human or bots. This is the normal process so you no need to warry about it. If you don’t have pc you can also use this amazing website app on your android mobile phone. You can easily download this app from Google Play Store.

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