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Triple-c , a mold company

Triple-c , a mold company Triple-c , a mold company set up in 2008 is Specialist in the injection molding of TPE / TPU Injection molding is a shaping technique where products can be formed from plastic materials. With the TPE / TPU injection molding, the plastic is melted down to a viscous mass. This is then poured into a mold, a cavity that has the shape of your product. After the plastic has cooled, the material thus takes on this shape. Compared to other injection molding companies, triple-c can offer this process at competitive costs. For example, we develop the molds ourselves, so that we can keep the initial costs low. We also ensure a fast lead time. Our aim is to be able to deliver orders within a week. Triple-c specializes in the use of various types of plastic for injection molding. This includes the following plastics: Thermoplastic elastomer , TPE and TPO TPE / TPU injection molding Are you looking for a company that specializes in design techniques? Would you like to have plastic products made? Then you can go to our company for that. We are professionals in 3D printing and injection molding of plastic materials such as TPE / TPU. For serious entrepreneurs, we offer the solution when factors such as scalability and development costs form obstacles. For example, we have fully organized our production process for smaller series and we already offer production from 50 pieces. When a product needs to be flexible and durable, we can use TPE or TPU for injection molding. These are thermoplastic elastomers, a collection of elastic synthetic rubbers. Tripel-c turns your design or idea into a tangible success!