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Free: Procrastination Fighting Techniques

Oh, golly. I've been procrastinating for weeks putting this together, so it's time to take the advice of experts and get it done.

One of the things about putting off things is that we do so for a number of DIFFERENT reasons. Sometimes we procrastinate because we hate doing certain things. Sometimes it's not that we hate an activity, but that there are OTHER things we'd much rather be doing. Or, maybe we're just lazy for a time -- it happens.

The problem is that some things have serious consequences if you delay. Filing income tax is one, or doing other paperwork where there are penalties if you don't act before the due date. Or letting home repairs lapse can bring about a) an overwhelming accumulation of tasks such that it's easy to feel it's pointless to even start, and b) result in slow decay and loss of property value.

In any event, we all do it sometimes, and fortunately, there's lots of advice, and techniques to overcome what is an almost universal bad habit.

Procrastination Fighting Ebooks and Guides

I've pulled together a number of FREE ebooks and publications that you may find useful in developing an anti-procrastination strategy and creating new "get it done" habits.

Below you'll find brief descriptions and images. To download your copy, click on the relevant link(s), and you'll be asked to register, so you can receive the direct link to download the ebook. You only need to register once.

Feel free to take advantage of as many of these free publications as you care to, and browse the entire catalog.

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Free: Procrastination Fighting TechniquesSecrets to Productivity, Work/Life Balance and Success

Successful productivity makes you more efficient and effective with your time and energy.

If you occasionally feel out of control, are unable to focus or prioritize, lack the work/life balance you want, or notice that you’re often too tactical vs. strategic, these tips are for you.

In this book by Matt Heinz, you’ll find specific things you can start doing right away to take back more time and increase your work/life balance including:

  • Tips to Make Yourself Efficient Right Now
  • Beating Procrastination
  • Achieve "Inbox Zero"