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VIII Reasons To Have Multiple Identities On BeBee

The draconian and evil LinkedIn (dumbassedly labelled the Lumpy Kingdom by some clever boy) decreed from the beginning that a person could have only one account. Creating multiple accounts is punishable by banning.

We all know BeBee is different. They allow, apparently, pen names or the use of multiple identities. It's easy. Log out of your real account, and then signup with a different identity and different email, and away you go.

But why would you want to do so? Here are just some of the reasons.

VIII Reasons To Have Multiple Identities On BeBeeYour cat, Fluffy, and your dog Spot can have their own accounts. Not only does that allow them their voices online, but it increases even more the diversity of contributions on BeBee. We have great internationalization here, so why not cross-species interaction.

You can have completely cooperative, compliant imaginary friends. Ideal for the person with poor social skills, or a downright s*it disturber. You can have conversations with yourself, thereby assuring that you will receive no criticism. If you have your fake identities follow you on mass, you too can be one of the cool kids with lots of friends and followers.

You can MOB those with whom you disagree. A tactic that goes back before public access to the Internet was available, there's even a name for it - creating "sock puppets". It's a simple idea. If you disagree with someone, then let lose your corp of fake identities to jump on the other person, making it seem like nobody agrees with him or her, and everyone hates him or her. Ideal for driving off people from the platform.

For COWARDS, an ideal way to at