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This great country of ours

Has we go about our daily lives, we should be praying too. The thing that is on most people’s minds today is Trump. I am not going to argue about if he should have won or lost, and I will not argue about his plans.

I do hear about the demonstrations that are going on around this wonderful country of ours; which is mostly peaceful. I see the posts that say democrats always cry about something when they lose and are big babies: To each their own. Republicans have to remember they too have fought for what they wanted and cry when they lose. Both parties have a lot to learn. This is America and nothing will be done if we continue to fight against each other.

Hate for one another does not bring peace but more hate. Since the campaign started, hate has come out from under the rug and it is standing tall. Fighting in the streets is happening, fighting because of racial hate, political belief hate, and just because of the need to hate.

What can we do? We should be asking that question ourselves. What can we do? First, do not ask God why He's allowing something to happen." If you do not trust in God, then ask that same question to yourself. Trump is there; live with it. I do not mean you should not continue to let others know you are not happy with the outcome. I pointed out peaceful demonstrations are fine. Letters, phone calls, email, tweets, and many other ways can and should be used too. What better way to get your voice heard?

Second, Ask Him (Christ, God) what He wants us to learn and do in the midst of it. Use prayer, talking to God about things that matter to you. Believe me when I tell you he does answer prayer. I can point out the times he answered me, but that is for another time.

We are already a great nation. America is strong. However, if we continue with this hateful attitude toward one another we will not remain strong. It does not matter if you voted for Hillary, Trump, or one on the others runners. What matters is putting your trust in what this country is based on. Just in case you have forgotten what that is I will tell you: The Bible, The Holy Bible, God's word, the story of Salvation, The Birth of Jesus and his death to save us.

Love on another because: Through Christ, all things are possible and through Him, I can do all things.

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