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Who took the voice of the Church away?

Christ should always be first in all that we do. As ministers of Gods word we have an obligation to uphold His Word with all we do. The churches have tied their own hands, and now the churches to follow think that is the rule. We must stand at the First Amendment knowing it gives us the power to be free from governmental control.    

This is from New Vision Ministries copied and pasted here to carry the word of the churches to the people. Nothing has been added or changed by me. ​ 
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508(c)(1)(A) Free Church vs. 501(c)(3) State Church
What every believer needs to know concerning churches that are automatically tax exempt under 508(c)(1)(A) [Free Churches] verses the government controlled churches 501(c)(3) [State Churches]
The Church was once a great influence on our nation and its government. However, that all changed in 1954 when churches were added to the 501(c)(3) section of the IRS tax code (IRC). The 501(c)(3) church has been stripped of its freedom of speech as a result of its partnership with the government. They have voluntarily silenced themselves concerning anything touching politics and the government, even in spiritual matters important to believers. If the Church had not lost its freedom of speech to influence the government, maybe prayer would have not been removed from schools on June 25, 1962. It was at this point the nation began a huge spiritual spiral downward, the statistics are staggering.
The Church’s influence on politics and government concerning spiritual matters such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, abortion, and homosexuality is the evolutionist greatest fear. By silencing themselves regarding “political” issues, the 501(c)(3) church has given government run public schools permission to teach our children lies without resistance and compromise the truth on these and many other issues touching our faith. When we compromise we agree to go below what we believe or know to be true, at that point we allow falsehood to become the “truth”. Something cannot be both true and false; it has to be one or the other. Once falsehood is added to or replaces any part of the truth, the statement, belief or “fact” is no longer true.
The Butler Act was passed in 1925, prohibiting the teaching of evolution in public schools; it was overturned in Tennessee on May 19, 1967. Its overturn allowed evolutionism, which is one of the greatest “Fairy Tales” in the history of the world, to be taught in public schools. It is currently not taught as an idea, theory, hypothesis or guess, but as an actual fact. The public schools are teaching our children an inaccurate account of our country’s history by removing refer