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Why Books Are a Bargain (And Television Isn't).

Why Books Are a Bargain (And Television Isn't).

Here, we are, sitting on a goldmine, and we don’t realize it. In every bookstore across the country, across the world, you’ll find bargains galore. I’m not talking about the remainder bin. I’m talking about every book — literature, fiction, self-help, romance. Anything you read is a bargain.

Think for a minute of what goes into a book. Thousands of hours are spent writing. Hundreds more are spent worrying about the book's reception. If history is rife with alcoholic writers, you can understand why. Even bestselling authors produce duds. Hemingway’s “Islands in the Stream” was a dud, even though some of the deleted chapters became “The Old Man in the Sea.”

That’s not much consolation considering how long it took Hemingway to write “Islands in the Stream” (he estimated about two years). Duds take as long as bestsellers, and, unfortunately, there are no shortcuts — even for literary geniuses. Anyone who says they’ve dashed off a book is lying. 

Charles Buk