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Benefits and Potential Side Effects of Nizoral Shampoo

Benefits and Potential Side Effects of Nizoral Shampoo

Hair products like shampoo work in different ways, depending on their composition. Nizoral shampoo, for instance, contains ketoconazole, a medication that is great at treating fungal infections and certain skin conditions.

When you look at some topical skin medications, ketoconazole may be a component. It can be applied both topically and orally, but for the purposes of this article, we will focus on the topical effects of Nizroal; specifically, Nizoral shampoo. When you use this brand of shampoo on your hair, your scalp will be free from fungal infections and skin diseases such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. That doesn't mean you should use it to prevent these conditions, because the medication does come with the risk of some undesirable side effects

Any shampoo formulation should make your hair better and solve issues such as dandruff, however, considering the chemical composition of these products, you may experience small problems or say mild side effects, but they are rare. Nizoral shampoo has its own share of effects when used on your hair. Here is a deeper look into the matter.

Hair Alterations

The fact that you shampoo your hair shows how much you value it. Shampoo makes your hair healthy by ensuring it is clean, but somehow you may notice a difference in how your hair feels in your hands. The texture is not what you are used to. It may be too rough or too soft that you feel uncomfortable with it.

Besides, your hair may be oily or dry. This should not be the case. Dry hair is weak and easily breaks. You may even feel pain combing it. Oily hair, is healthier than dry hair, but Nizoral shampoo may cause oil production to reduce to an inadequate amount, or even overproduce an excessive amount.

If you have naturally wavy hair, which you love so much, the curls may subside when you use this shampoo. Your hair color may also change, especially if you have gray or dyed hair. The chemicals in dyed hair may react with those in the shampoo, which changes your hair color.

The situation is much worse when you are losing hair at a very fast rate. The loss could be uniform or patchy. While your hair is growing back due to the Nizoral shampoo, it may grow back in unevenly (but temporarily patchy hair is better than none!).

Skin problems

The skin is a very sensitive part of the human body. It covers every part. It is usually exposed to harsh conditions such as the sun, col