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A Guide To Traveling in England

England is one of the four countries that make up The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is found on the most western side of Europe and is primarily surrounded by water. England covers over 130,000 square km, and no area is more than 120km from the sea. The English landscape is predominantly flat with farmland, with rolling hills, and low-bearing mountains.

Unfortunately, the reputation of England being a very wet country is not just a cinematic stereotype. The majority of the year is dominated by wet saturated weather despite the season. When traveling throughout the UK, it is essential to have appropriate clothing for warm or cold weather and wet or dry weather. This can make packing a bit of a nuisance, but being prepared for the finicky weather is worth the stuffed suitcase. Due to the ever-unpredictable weather, it’s challenging to find a proper time for a visit. Your best bet is April through September, as you have a slightly better chance of dry, warm weather.

In the case of finances, the 21st century has made traveling internationally far more comfortable than it has in the past. We would recommend having a mix of both physical cash, and cleared credit or debit cards. Most major and minor towns in England have an ATM for public use if your card does not work. To work out a variety of costs in your own currency, check out

One of the incredible benefits of traveling in Europe is the ease of transportation. Throughout most European countries, bus or train travel is available and easily accessible to the public. Within England and the UK, there are various buses, trains, metros, and taxis to utilize during your travel.

England is a beautiful place to visit, with a long and rich history. Traveling has become more comfortable and more economically accessible every single year. If you’re looking for a beautiful European vacation, England may just be your lucky bet.A Guide To Traveling in England