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Preparing For Your First Cruise

Preparing For Your First CruiseGoing on a cruise is an incredibly rewarding experience. The huge ships, the open seas, the plethora of options makes it seem like an overwhelming process. Start with the basics, and build your options around what you would like to get out of your trip.

The Clothes

The clothes can be the hardest part of preparing for the trip. Most of it can be left up to common sense. A Caribbean cruise equals summer clothes, or a Norwegian cruise is equated to more covered clothes. Start by checking your itinerary and seeing how many formal nights you have, and what activities are lined up. Plan on packing some formal clothes, some casual-formal clothes, casual clothes, and exercise or comfortable clothes. Make sure you have shoes fit for being pleasant and doing a lot of walking, which is standard on a cruise ship. 

First Aid and Health Concerns

This can often be a worrying aspect for many people. Being in the middle of the ocean can make people panic about worst-case scenarios. Cruise ships are prepared for a multitude of issues that may come up. You can only get off of a ship at a port to leave for any kind of family emergency, and you can’t leave when you’re on the water. Most cruise ships contain trained doctors and nurses on board to deal with any emergencies.

If you’re worried about getting sea-sick, you aren’t alone. When it comes to sailing, I would recommend Sea bands. They’re bands that go around your wrist and press on a pressure point to help reduce the amount of nausea you may be feeling. 

Sailing on a cruise is a great way to spend some time alone or with other people. Check out our next article continuing preparation for a cruise.