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8 Content Marketing Tips to Help Your Business on Social Media.

8 Content Marketing Tips to Help Your Business on Social Media.

This article first appeared on my website in Sept 2016 but is still relevant today.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is on every business’s mind these days. As a business or brand we need to keep in mind what the community, or followers, or future buyers are looking for and their reactions to your content. Coming up with content is another post for another time. Here I want to discuss the Marketing and Strategy of your content.

Marketing your content is more than just posting, it is how your content is percieved. It is the little things that count that are not seen on the page, but have meaning.

So here are the basics:

  • Use your content to gently guide your followers through the buying cycle. Don’t treat it like a speed boat, full throttle from the beginning.

  • Use Social Media Ads to AMPLIFY the reach of your content. $5, $10, or even $20 can go along way.

  • The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. You can not force people to see the value in your content, services or products. If you are trying to force them, it will turn them off right away.

  • Use simple headlines. Titles that get to the point will bring higher quality people of interest to your content.

  • Re-Purpose old content in a new way. Take an old blog and turn it into a video or live stream, take an old video and turn it into a blog, edit a blog into 1 minute clips to put out on various networks. Be creative, there are many things to do.

  • Use a checklist for your content. List all the channels you want to use it for. Use a Social Media Calendar (get yours here) so you can manage your week with the content.

  • Look at your analytics of your old content. This gives you an idea of the most popular topics and types of content that are working. This will help with future content so you know what is working.

  • Always give them a way to contact you at the end. Whether it is Phone, Email, Social Media site, or Website.

I recently did a Facebook Live on this and included it here also.

or watch on Facebook at:

I hope this was helpful for you and if you have any thoughts or questions please don’t hesitate to write in the comments below or reach out to me.

Thanks again for reading.

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#2 Thank you Fatima. The little things add up to some great things

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Thank you for the helpful article. I'm learning so much reading all the helpful content that is on social media. Thank you again

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Fantastic Advice @Robert C. Stern Little things matter alot when it comes to content marketing. #Bookmarked

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Thanks for the great advice here, Robert. I also like the video. I'm sharing this in three hives. Keep buzzing in 2017!

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