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How to Find a Pet-Friendly Rental Apartment in Regina?

If you're searching an apartment for you and your pet in Regina, you may need to work a little hard. Try finding a rental without specifying you have a pet and you may find a home. Say that you have a fuzzy companion and a large number of doors will be shut to you. You can improve your chances, however, if you find a way to make both you and your pet welcome.

How to Find a Pet-Friendly Rental Apartment in Regina?

Why are pets not welcome in rental apartments?

Landowners choose not to permit pets for an assortment of reasons:

· Barking pets or doggies disturb other inhabitants

· Cats in some cases scratch and harm furniture

· Dogs may destroy the things like carpet or hanging clothes

· Some pets shed dander and can cause allergies

· If the owner has ever had a pet that wasn't trained, they could have chosen not to permit them in their property again

· An undisciplined pet can irritate and frighten neighbours or other occupants

What’s the solution?

If you want to find an apartment for rent in Regina, it's vital that you see your pet through the landowner's eyes and find a way to address their feelings of fears before time. A few things you can incorporate into your rental application are:

· pet references from past landowners

· an affirmation that you will pet proof the property

· Proof that your pooch went to obedience school and was passed.

· evidence that your pet has consistent check-ups

If pet dander isn't an issue with yours, say it in the application. If that is an issue, offer to incorporate a condition in your agreement that you will take every fundamental measure to solve the issue.

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