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Society is an huge scam

Society is an huge scam

Published on May 8th, 2018 on beBee


How to handle properly diversity in the today society? There is anything to handle. 

All that silly stuff, it is just ghosts in your mind. There is any thing real, out there.

The seven most common biases

The seven biases you should be aware of. Here below summarised in a table.

Kill your own biases

The proper approach to handle and leverage diversity is to kill biases and offer everyone fair opportunities.

What is a bias?

It is a subtle wrong idea that seems right because people enforce it over others and themselves.

Just an example

When I was studying physics at university, I had some difficulties with maths compared to some others.

Those come out the "liceo scientifico" attended to advanced mah courses. I did an ITIS which is an high school much more oriented to laboratories.

Thus, I was able to delivery exceptional results in laboratories because the practice and my goal oriented focus.

Unfortunately, the general bias was that those were not immediately excellent in maths would not succeed as physics.

For this reason, I have forced to repeat some laboratories until I was so bored to give up and deliver a shit just good enough to pass the exam.

On the other side, verbal exams based on maths were unusually long and complicated for me.

One day, I was trying the same exam for the third time and the teacher forgot to call me as the last in the queue as usual.

The exam lasted two hours and finally when I was exhausted and I gave up, my colleagues got upset at such point that the teacher was forced to pass me.

I realised that it was not me, I refused to pass and I quit. Years later when by European law they were forced to standardise the exam tests, I went back and in six months I got my degree.

The day in which teachers were not able to enforce their biases over me any more, those biases shown to be wrong. In particular, I was not any more interested in their opinions because it did not matter any more.

I spent no more than a week to prepare myself to undergo to each any of those tests: I was not back any more to learn but to degree.

I had the chance to achieve a goal and I took it for what it mattered for me, only.

Being different is enough

There is not need to be disabled to be different. It is enough to be black in a white society, woman in a male society, poor in a money society, etc.

Who is different, others arbitrarily decide. This is the reason because unethical biases hurt business and society development because they are unfair.

Because biases are unfair, not all the people who could have taken a chance, did it. A chance lost for one, is a chance lost for the society.

This explain pretty simple why those societies which are plenty of biases, strict formalities and unrealistic expectations about people homologation are stuck back others despite they might have immense natural resources.

Because unfair societies lose systematically and continuously opportunities by putting aside people who could contribute to the society but forced to do not.

Moreover, as much these society enforced their unfair belief over people as much these biases get stuck in the mind of people self-realising their vicious prophecies in a negative loophole.

Like in the Plato's grotto analogy, even those emancipated themselves by their society biases, seriously risk to be seen by others like "strange", "fool" or "crazy" rarely "enlighted" people.

The description of reality is not the reality itself

Again, like in the Plato's grotto the description of the reality is not the reality itself.

The description of the reality is a collective construction which we have been told about since we were kids. Thus, we blindly believe in it without never ever once challenged it once.

They drove us crazy

Technically speaking the "craziness" is the detachment to reality. 

As long as we confuse the description of reality which is a mere collective construction with reality itself, as much as these two differ for a gap, we arrogantly  tag some people as fool just because they manage to get in touch with a more true reality.

Another brick in the wall

In fact, psychologists do not help people to get in touch with reality – such a job is done by physics – while they help upset people to accept the absurdity of society rules as it were normal: 

You cannot change the world,
change yourself and accept
what you cannot change.

The best answer to these people resembles a song of a Pink Floyd song:

Hey teachers, hey doctors, 
hey you, the hell to you
just because I am surrounded
by a bounce of retarded monkeys
it should not mean, I have to
be another brick in the wall

Biases are our jail bars

Thus, our biases are nothing else that the gap between the reality and what we have been tough reality might be but it is not.

We could imagine to put a gap between a car wheels and the road behind, so we would grab the reason because our society is impaired by our biases.

Unethical behaviour hurt people and society in the same manner: they hurt general trust and make the road slippery for others but after all the whole society out-coming depends by the contribute of everybody.

A falsehood might perpetrate itself until everybody will accept it but it would never works like fairness.

Society is an huge scam

At this point of our evolution, we might consider the idea that society is nothing else than a huge scam to robe people from their merits.

In the moment, we got this picture there is no any more good or bad boys but those have hired to oppress the people by the government and those have been hired to oppress people by crime.

The vest makes the monk

The first ones have been given an uniform and a badge because otherwise it would too easy to confuse them with the villains.

After all, they were two sides of the same coin and in fact they collaborate themselves much more and often than people could imagine or would be informed.

When we were kids

When we were kids, we were playing cops and villains. Did you ever changed the team, time by time? Did you ever noticed that we were always us running behind other us and viceversa?

We definitely need to clean up our mind by this whole bullshit for granting humanity a chance of surviving to our misconducts. 

On the other side, it might not be easy to explain people that they have been tricked for such a long time. Isn't?

Instead it is simpler and easier than we might think.

Just, do not care about

I am sorry to inform you that in the nature everything has its own purpose and its meaning.

Homo Sapiens, it is the right time you get back to the threes you descended and accept that your role exhausted in the same moment Homo Sapiens became a threat for developing a more enlighten form of life than an opportunity.

No matter how much you are rich, what title you earned or where you are living or working. The Homo Sapiens era is definitely over and any resistance to accept your destiny would bring you more useless pain.

A fundamental human right

Belittle the system with their same belittling ideas is not only a symptom of a free mind but also a matter of self-respect that we deserve to ourselves.

Do not be a fool, lead yourself own.

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