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Black Swan is not as rare as we might think...

Black Swan is not as rare as we might think...Published on November 10, 2017 on beBee 

Once upon a time

The word "monster" cames from latin (It. mostro, Lat. monstrum ‘segno divino, prodigio’, dal tema di monēre ‘avvisare, ammonire'.) which means exceptional and/or advisor from above.

The negative declination cames later when it has related with misfortune signs and with negative exceptions. However, in the original form it had not a specific negative declination like the word exceptional.

The black swan is the new monster

The same happens for the term "black swan", is a rare event and overlooked one for which the common declination is related to a great disaster. Also in this case our fear for loss wins in giving the term the negative connotation rather than a neutral one.

Where the problem lies

Every solution is lying in the essence of what we call problem. Once we understood the inner essence of the problem, the soluti