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How to Understand Your Value in the Education Market

There is a fine line between being boastful and being honest about where you and your education company are in the greater ecosystem. For many and especially founders of education companies it can be quite a blurry experience to look out into the distance and truly assess your and your company’s value to the market. The answer to understanding your value in the education market comes from an honest exploration into the messages you and your company communicate to employees, share holders and potential customers and partners. 

If you are like most then you work diligently to research the market, establish a list of competitors and flesh out where openings for potential lie. Too often, though, we become saturated in our own brilliance. If you thought education, as a sector, was immune to this delusional experience I would challenge how much time you have spent working in education. How to Understand Your Value in the Education Market

The industry [education] is not unlike any industry we experience on a day-to-day basis. It is fraught with red tape, often misguided investments, polices, practices, etc.

The good news is that if you can, as a leader, take a critical look at your company’s place in the market you have an opportunity to identify potential opportunities and partners that most would just pass by.

Here are the Top 3 Sayings you should avoid using at all costs and if you here others in your organization speak them run for the elevators:

  • Nobody else is solving this issue!”
  • “We are two steps ahead of everyone.”
  • “We are creating the market.” 

Why provide a list of “runaway” statements? I have found that to accurately assess our value, as a company, we first