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SEO vs PPC Advertising

Not sure where your marketing budget is best spent? Join a long list of online advertisers. To help you here are some Pros of PPC Advertising including Adwords, Facebook marketing & Linkedin marketing.

One of the biggest advantages of PPC advertising / Paid Media is that it gives your company a very fast start-up. Compare that to traditional SEO and you will have to wait for months to start getting traffic from search engine optimization.

When you set up a Paid media campaign, you start receiving traffic as soon as your campaign is approved by the advertising services.

SEO vs PPC Advertising

Once your new marketing campaign has been approved as appropriate, the advertising service will start sending traffic your way until your budget is exhausted.

Another big advantage of Paid Media advertising or in this case Google Adwords, is that your ads are shown on the top of the search engine result pages which mean these are more likely to be clicked and you’re more likely to get highly targeted traffic. Since these PPC advertisements are at the top of the search engine result pages, the organic results get pushed down further.

SEO vs PPC Advertising

Another advantage of PPC advertising is that it makes data tracking and other things extremely easy. Each of the parameters of the campaign can be recorded and analyzed at a later date to improve the performance of a PPC advertising campaign. Also, it’s extremely easy to edit a campaign. PPC advertising also allows you to target very specific regions including regions in your neighborhood, a specific city or a specific state or a specific country.

Cons of PPC Advertising

While there are a number of benefits of PPC advertising, it also has its cons. One of the biggest disadvantages of PPC advertising is that it takes a lot of money to get significant amount of traffic, especially when you’re in a highly competitive industry. Also, you only get clicks as per your budget. Once the budget is exhausted, you stop receiving any further traffic from the advertising networks.

SEO vs PPC Advertising

You’ll also have to pay a very h